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Advanced Rotator RD5

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Advanced Rotator RD5

Light weight 225 grams (8oz) Compatible with
R1, R10, RS-1
Ideal for
360x180 full spherical panoramas
More than 10 kg (22lbs)
loading supported
Detent interval option
can be changed on the fly

Part in a series of Fanotec's new top of the line CNC machined advanced rotators. These rotators combines high precision, ease of use, compactness, light weight and durability. The inner ball bearing construction also provides for very fluid rotation. You can now change click stops on-the-fly. Ideal in time sensitive situations in which shooting must be completed quickly, such as in shooting high resolution multi-image mosaics or shooting the same scene at different focal lengths.
The RD5 has 5 different selectable click options suitable for wide angle and standard focal length shooting (approx. 50mm).


  • Made from imported premium quality aluminum alloy.
  • Precision CNC machined components.
  • Lubricated bearings for smooth rotation.
  • Laser engraved markings.
  • Detent interval (click stop) option can be changed on the fly.
  • More than 10 kg (22lbs) loading supported.
  • Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly.
  • Knob for locking rotation.
  • Ideal for making 360x180 full spherical panoramas.
  • Great in windy locations.
  • Very small nadir footprint.
  • Diameter of 53mm (2 1/8") provides sufficient precision and stability while keeping the nadir footprint small.
  • The unique placement of knobs means that they will never appear in the spherical panos.
  • Compact and light weight - only 225 grams (8oz).
  • 5 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
  • 10 (36 stops)
  • 36 (10 stops)
  • 60 (6 stops)
  • 90 (4 stops)
  • 120 (3 stops)

Package includes

  • RD5 rotator
  • 1ea blue anodized knobs
  • 1ea blue anodized locking knob
  • 3/8 - 1/4 base thread adapter


Weight: 225 grams (8oz)
Dimensions: Height - 40mm (1 5/8") x Diameter: 53mm (2 1/8")
Maximum weight load: 11kg (22lbs)
Ideal working weight load: approx. 5.5kgs (12lbs)
Metal: Anodized aluminum
Base Color = Non-glare black
Thread = base 3/8", top M6
Demarcations (reference tic marks) every 2.5 degrees

Designed to mount on lower rail systems of current Nodal Ninja's using anti-twist sockets and M6 female thread with supplied 1/4 hex screw.

Compatible with R1, R10, RS-1.

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