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EZ-Leveler II

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EZ-Leveler II

EZ-Leveler II

SturdyAccommodate all panoramic heads Highly
to operate
Hard shelled
foam lined zippered case
Max weight loading10kg (22lb)

The second generation EZ-Leveler-II (noted by the blue anodized knurled knobs) is smaller, lighter and made with greater precision. Comes in a nice hard shelled foam lined zippered case.
  • 10kg (22lb) max weight loading
  • smooth rotation of knobs
  • Head Alignment Knob to point tripod head in any direction.

Note: heavier weight loads (3+lbs/1.5kgs) may see a slight lifting of level on opposite side of load which may affect levelling. Not recommended for use with heavier loading on nadir adapters.

Who uses the EZ-Leveler

  • Realtors, assures leveled panoramas
  • Advanced Panoramic Photographers
  • Large resolution panoramas Photographers

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