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Nodal Ninja SPH-1 Fanotec started manufacturing with the first Nodal Ninja model SPH-1. The goal was to build a quality pano head that allowed for full rotation 360 horizontally x180 degrees vertically. It also incorporated a special offset bracket for smaller point and shoot cameras that had offset tripod mounts. The SPH-1 suited almost all point and shoot cameras and as well as many DSLR cameras like the Nikon D70 or Canon Rebel. Many SPH-1 pano heads are still being used today. This model paved the way to redesign with many improvements before finalizing with the NN3 family.

Model History

  • late 2004 - NN SPH-1 (spherical first generation). The very first pano head is produced.
  • mid 2005 - NN SPH-1i (spherical first generation improved).
  • late 2005 - NN SPH-2 (spherical second generation).
  • early 2006 - NN SPH-2L (spherical second generation longer vertical arm).
  • early 2006 - NN SPH-2s, (spherical second generation shorter vertical arm).
  • early 2007 - NN SPH-2sd (spherical second generation shorter vertical arm with detents).
  • mid 2007 - NN3 (third generation).
  • early 2008 - NN3-MKII.(third generation with improved lower rotator).
  • early 2008 - NN5 - a new series added to the lineup of pano heads reaching to the pro-level cameras.
  • mid 2008 - NN180 - a small lightweight solution added to meet the needs of those doing single row pano with super wide angle lens.
  • late 2008 - Fanotec advances with state-of-the-art CAD and CNC machinery resulting in higher precision products line called the "Ultimate Line".
  • early 2009 - D4, D8, D12, D16 - new higher precision CNC advanced rotators come to market allowing more pano head configurations.
  • mid 2009 - R1, R10 CNC machined ring clamp style pano heads added to the lineup.
  • late 2009 - Turntables for those doing object movies.
  • all of 2010 - accessories and add-ons to many products.
  • late 2010 - Nodal Ninja 5 series discontinued.
  • early 2011 - Modular Pole series 1 and 2.
Ultimate M2
  • early 2011 - Ultimate M1 series modular panoheads.
  • mid 2011 - Nodal Ninja 4 series (replacing NN5) now includes 15 degree upper rotator lock stops.
  • mid 2011 - Tripod Adapters, Pole Rotators and Footplates hit the scene.
  • late 2011 - Fanotec develops dedicated custom arca style camera plates to fit dozens of cameras and battery grips.
  • early 2012 - Camera specific Arca Swiss Style designed to fit dozens of DSLR's with and without battery grips.
  • early 2012 - Rotator Mini introduced, smaller and lighter with click stops.
  • mid 2012 - more configurations become available using the Rotator Mini including the Ultimate Mini Pkg.
  • late 2012 - Nodal Ninja model RS-1 is introduced. This new head similar to NN3 allows users with fisheye lens using Lens Ring Clamp to mount camera/lens directly to upper rotator arca clamp (no upper rail).
  • early 2013 - Ultimate M2 is introduced - the best even got better. Using the newly designed RD-8-II (second generation) and new upper rotator this head will support lenses up to 465mm (Portrait mode) and 700mm in Landscape mode.

With many thousands of customers world wide Fanotec continues to expand the product line continually meeting the needs of the panoramic photographer. Fanotec's slogan "we listen, we try harder" says it all. If you have an idea or suggestion for new product and enhancement to existing products please contact us.

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