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Pole Series 1/2 Tripod Adapter Type A


Pole Series 1/2 Tripod Adapter Type A


Tripod Adapter for Use with Fanotec Rotators and Poles - Type A.

When the height of the Fanotec pole increases beyond 3 meters, the need for an effective support base becomes very important. Some professional pole systems on the market come with a dedicated support tripod which is bulky, costly and cannot be used for other purposes.

High end tripods for photography are strong enough to support a 6m pole. Some people even attempt to install a rotator and pole directly onto the tripod. This is very dangerous. Rotators and tripod center columns are designed to withstand vertical loading with minimal bending torque. With a long pole the torque is increased 15 times. This can cause damage, without noticeable warning, to the tripod center column top disk, rotator and pole base and to the gears on top of the pole. Damage to equipment and potential injury to people in the area should be avoided at all costs.

As part of the pole systems Fanotec is releasing a low cost, lightweight and safe to use tripod adapter for use with Fanotec rotators and poles.

This tripod adapter works with tripods that have a 3/8” male thread on top and a 3/8” female thread at the bottom of the center column. The adapter spreads the bending torque over the length of center column, greatly reducing the torque at the tripod top disk, rotator and pole base. It works with Fanotec advanced rotators, pole rotator and Fanotec poles.

Not compatible with all tripods. Does not fit Manfrotto 190XB series or tripods with small diameter center columns.

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