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Ultimate R1/R10 Lens Ring V2


Ultimate R1/R10 Lens Ring V2


Customers have been asking for modifications of existing lens rings to allow full access of controls on the lens. We've made modifications to the plastic insert and outer metal ring to allow for reading the focus distance in both landscape and portrait orientations. And in some cases, switch(es) on the lens can also be accessed through these windows. As with V1 the new V2 is compatible with R1, R10, RS1/2, and M series model heads.
Current lenses supported for V2:
It's important to note that the V2 merely offers extended functionality. The V1 still works fine and users rarely have need to adjust settings once mounted.

Features and Highlights:

NOTE: improper use of lens ring clamp may cause stress and damage to the lens. For more information and photos that show the R1/R10 in action with these rings please visit: forum.

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Download Documents

QRG - V2 Lens Ring for Canon 8-15mm
QRG - V2 Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm Nikon Mount


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