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Mecha E1/C1 with Nodal Ninja 3 MK3Products » Mecha (Automation)

Mecha E1/C1 with Nodal Ninja 3 MK3

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Mecha E1/C1 with Nodal Ninja 3 MK3

Mecha E1/C1 +
Nodal Ninja 3 MK3
Mecha E1/C1 automated head Lightweight, quiet, power efficient Weight load 3.3lbs (1.5kg) NN3 MK3 pano head Durable, inexpensive NN3 MK3 popular usesReal estate, travel, hobbyist

The CNC machined Nodal Ninja 3 MK3 w/ Nadir Adapter mounted with the Mecha E1/C1 single axis rotator.

About the Mecha

Mecha is lightweight, quiet and power efficient automated head. It consists of the motorized E1 Rotator and the Single Axis C1 Controller. When combined with the NN3 MK3 uses can shoot simple single row bracketed images automatically. Using with the NN3 MK3 users have added option to stop, adjust tilt and shoot additional rows. This opens the doors to shooting higher resolution panoramas with lenses with focal lengths beyond those of fisheye lenses. Together with a "dual axis" controller (in development), two E1 rotators can be added to motorize Nodal Ninja MK3 pan and tilt axes for multi-row application.

About the Nodal Ninja 3 MK3

The latest generation "MK3" is created using state of the art computer-controlled cutting (CNC) machines resulting in much greater precision, uniformity, and cross compatibility. Small sleek and sexy. The NN3 MK3 is lightweight and compact and Arca-Swiss compatible. Level: Amateur - Semi Pro. Lenses: 8mm - 50mm+ focal length Features: Compact, Inexpensive, Durable Popular Uses: Real Estate, Travel, Hobbyist, Amateur Cameras: Compact, Micro Four Thirds, smaller DSLR's Learn more about the Nodal Ninja 3 Series panoramic heads - click here.

This listing includes:

  • NN3 MK3 w/ Nadir Adapter mounted to Mecha E1/C1.
  • Mecha USB Charging Cable.
  • Camera to Mecha Shutter Release Cable.
  • Hot shoe adapter for shutter release.

About the Hot shoe sync cable:

The camera hot shoe gives a signal during exposure. We make use of this signal, as shutter release confirmation, to adjust the exposure delay timing automatically. This allows shortest delay for bracketed shots without risking premature moves. Camera in electronic mode however does not give this signal and only work with Mechanical shutter mode - as with any remote cable release.

Supports up to 3.3lbs (1.5 kg) vertical loading, including panohead, DSLR's with battery grips may exceed recommended weight load.

Mecha - 14 day money back guarantee / 1 year factory warranty.
NN3 MK3 - 30 day money back guarantee / 5 year factory warranty.

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