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Ultimate M1-L

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Ultimate M1-L

Modular design Easy upgrade High precision, accuracy,
durability and long lifetime
Compatible with all DSLR's
and most medium format cameras
7.5 degree positive stops
on upper rotator
Ideal for
making mosaics

Our top-of-the-line Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1-L Modular System is the designers dream come true. It is based on Arca Swiss compatible system, the industry standard for high end photographic support system. The upper rotator incorporates 7.5 degree positive stops and the lower rotator is the advanced RD16-II (see features below). The M1-L is compatible with all DSLR's and most medium format cameras supporting lenses up to 200mm. Precision CNC machined from premium T6061 aluminum and anodized, the M1-L is built with high degree of precision, accuracy, durability to ensure a lifetime of use. The first model in this modular system is the M1 which has 7.5 degree precise positive stops at the upper rotator, supporting lenses from ultra wide angles to 200mm telephotos. It allows templates to be used to speed up stitching and reduce stitching errors.

The package comes with standard 170mm upper rail - if shooting with longer lenses you might want consider opting for the longer 210mm rail (during check out).

Advanced Rotator RD-16-II

Part in a series of Fanotec's new top of the line CNC machined advanced rotators. These rotators combine high precision, ease of use, compactness, light weight and durability. The inner ball bearing construction also provides for very fluid rotation. You can now change click stops on-the-fly. Ideal in time sensitive situations in which shooting must be completed quickly, such as in shooting high resolution multi-image mosaics or shooting the same scene at different focal lengths. The RD16-II has 16 different selectable click options suitable for wide angle, standard and long focal length shooting to approx. 200mm.

Features you'll find in this new class of rotators:

  • Blue marker ring which can be rotated to mark points on lower rotator (2nd generation feature).
  • Movable index ring - rotate the index ring to any predetermined positiion (2nd generation feature).
  • Made from imported premium quality aluminum alloy.
  • Precision CNC machined components.
  • Lubricated steel ball bearings for smooth rotation.
  • Laser engraved markings.
  • Detent interval (click stop) option can be changed on the fly.
  • More than 10 kg (22lbs) loading supported.
  • Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly.
  • Knob for locking rotation.
  • Retainer wire so you don't lose the knobs.
  • Ideal for making HDR panos and/or mosaics.
  • Great in windy locations.
  • Small nadir footprint diameter of 62mm.
  • The unique placement of knobs means that they will never appear in the spherical panos.
  • Fine 2.5 degree rotation markings for making high resolution mosaics.
  • Compact and light weight - only 347 grams.
  • 16 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
  • 3.75 (96 stops)*
  • 5 (72 stops)*
  • 6 (60 stops)*
  • 7.5 (48 stops)
  • 10 (36 stops)
  • 12 (30 stops)
  • 15 (24 stops)
  • 18 (20 stops)*
  • 20 (18 stops)
  • 24 (15 stops)
  • 30 (12 stops)
  • 36 (10 stops)
  • 45 (8 stops)
  • 60 (6 stops)
  • 90 (4 stops)
  • 120 (3 stops)
* Requires dual detent plungers.

Included Parts:

  • Lower Assembly:
  • 1ea QRC-55, 55mm Arca Stlye Quick Release Clamp.
  • 1ea M6 Mounting Kit, M6 screw + Hex Key.
  • 1 ea MFR-210, 210mm Multifunctional Rail with Bubble Level.
  • RD16-II (second generation).
  • Vertical and Upper Assembly:
  • 1ea MFVR-170C, 170mm Multifunctional Vertical Rail w/ Integral Clamp
  • 1ea M1 7.5 Degree Upper Rotator
  • 1ea QRC-55, 55mm Arca Stlye Quick Release Clamp
  • 1ea MFR-170, 170mm Multifunction Rail with Bubble Level
  • 1ea QRC-40A, 40mm Arca Style Quick Release Clamp
  • Hard shelled dual zippered case
  • Hex keys and misc screws and washers
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Does NOT include camera plate.

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