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Advanced Rotator RD6

Advanced Rotator RD6
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Light weight 275g (9.5oz) Detent interval option
can be changed on the fly
Ideal for HDR panos
and/or mosaics
For NN3, NN4, NN5
and M series panoheads
2.5 degrees
on lower rotator
5 degree tic marks
on upper rotator

Originally built for Lecia Geosystems this rotator is part in a series of Fanotec's top of the line CNC machined advanced rotators. These rotators combines high precision, ease of use, compactness, light weight and durability. The inner ball bearing construction also provides for very fluid rotation. Changing click stops on-the-fly is ideal in time sensitive situations in which shooting must be completed quickly, such as in shooting high resolution multi-image mosaics or shooting the same scene at different focal lengths.
The rotators can be mounted on NN3, NN4, NN5 and M series panoheads.


  • Made from imported premium quality aluminum alloy.
  • Precision CNC machined components.
  • Lubricated bearings for smooth rotation.
  • Laser engraved markings.
  • Detent interval (click stop) option can be changed on the fly.
  • Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly.
  • Knob for locking rotation.
  • Retainer wire so you don't lose the knobs.
  • Ideal for making HDR panos and/or mosaics.
  • 6 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
  • 20 (18 stops)
  • 24 (15 stops)
  • 30 (12 stops)
  • 45 (8 stops)
  • 60 (6 stops)
  • 90 (4 stops)

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 275g (9.5oz.)
  • Size: 60mm diameter x 30mm height
  • 5/8 - 3/8 female thread mount
  • Demarcations (reference tic marks) every 2.5 degrees on lower rotator, 5 degree tic marks on upper rotator

Package includes

RD6 rotator
5/8" - 3/8" thread adpater
1ea blue anodized knob
1ea blue anodized locking knob
1ea NN3, NN4 and M series mounting kit

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You're living up to your online reputation for "A+++" personal service. - Anonimous
Craig C.
You guys rock!! - Craig C.
Rarely do I receive a product that exceeds my expectations. You have done just that! I’m a tool and die maker and I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the design and workmanship of the products you sent me. Set it up and took it out for a test run over the weekend and it works perfectly. Again, thanks for making a proper product that performs as advertised. Thanks - Csaba
Martin M.
Any product produced by Nodal Ninja will be reliable, durable made with highest quality. and performance. - Martin M.
Shane B Virtual Marketing 360
Nodal Ninja is by far the best of the best!! Been working with them since 2009! This Mecca looks dope!!! Cool video and keep up the great work. - Shane B Virtual Marketing 360
The perfect solution for those of us that want to make panos and not have to carry a lot of additional heavy equipment to get that perfect image. - tjcuneo
Jorge H
Nodal Ninja, best hardware in the world!! - Jorge H
Weds Guru
Don't dare to use any other product/brand for google street view. Have been through all of them. Nodal Ninja is the best. - Weds Guru
Franco M
More example videos and I'll keep buying as long as you keep including a handwritten thank you in every order. - Franco M
Florian N
I've been shooting panoramas using NN gear all around the world's most remote locations even as high as Camp 3 on Mount Everest. If I need to rely on my gear NN products are the choice to go! - Florian N
Please, more videos... and thanks for the tip on the Quick Mount Mini Adapter System. - ImmersivePictures
Awesome, Now all I have to do is run around the camera to hide or find a hiding spot. Great work team on bring a great product to market. - Immersive360VR
You all are awesome! I love your videos and have been creating giga-pixel panoramas for the past 11 years and have always wanted a Nodal Ninja so I don't have to keep fixing all the parallax errors that come with photographing panoramas without a Nodal Ninja. - Esperas
I love your products... Can't get enough, if I had enough money that is.... Lol. - rw
keke d
Rock Solid Gear right down to the last detail. Love my Ninja stuff! - keke d
brendon g
Thanks for the great content on using this bad boy. - brendon g
David W
Great gear and easy to use. Email support was fantastic for my order last year. - David W
Gregory Q
I’ve relied on and recommended NN gear for 360vid.ca’s virtual tour shoots in Western Canada. gear and extremely useful forums. I’ll be talking to my brother Ben about joining your affiliate program. Keep up the top notch work. - Gregory Q
Peter L
Have used Nodal Nija products previously and think they're first rate. - Peter L
Fernando C
Nodal Ninja, the best panoramic head in the market! - Fernando C
Wausau 360
Nodal Ninja has been an innovator for the panoramic photographer for decades and is continuing to invest, invent, and inspire us with new products to utilize in this field. - Wausau 360
360 graden panorama fotografie
Using the Nodal Ninja products makes making 360's and panoramic photos so more easy. it gives me a smile when I use it! Nice job Nodal Ninja team! - 360 graden panorama fotografie
Graham M
Great video! Nodal Ninja has quality all over it. I’v been doin 360s with your gear for many years now and it’s totally reliable to get the job done. A high five from me. - Graham M
Luke S
I bought my first Nodal Ninja over 10 years ago and still have it. - Luke S
Great company Fantastic gear - 360panoramavideo
David S
Looking forward to it!! my hands are getting tired spinning hundreds of time a day! - David S
Osama A
I love Nodal Ninja due it's robust quality and ease of use along with great many features! - Osama A
Jensen F
Love my Nodal Ninja - great product and great service! - Jensen F
Just getting started with my NN gear and am very happy with it. - hlmj58
Tony R.
I predominantly shoot 360˚ panoramas promoting expedition travel so I need rugged precision equipment that I can rely on when I'm shooting in remote locations of the world. I've used Nodal Ninja products for over 15 years and I can always count on the products and the company to keep me shooting in all situations. - Tony R.
Sebastian, Germany
Hi Jan, thank you for your answer and your very useful information and answer to my question. I like your support very much and will tell all my photographer friends about my good experience with your customer support. Regards from Germany - Sebastian, Germany
James W.
By the way, we have already purchased and have been using two of these kits and have been so impressed with their versatility and performance that when we needed another to keep up with our increasing workload your product remains our tool of choice. - James W.
Hi Thuy, This is all I needed, thank a lot for helping me with this issue. As usual best service ever!!! 100% recommended with my friends. Saludos - Ubaldo
Hi Jason Letting you know I received the package today just in time for the nice weather in May and June. thanks again for all your help in tracking down my order. your grateful customer - Rob
Dear Jason, .....I appreciate your efforts to support my issues. Have a great week! Kind regards - MONI
Brendon G.
Thank you very much Jason. Can’t recommend you guys enough – again you go above and beyond. Simply Awesome. Kind Regards - Brendon G.
Jordon E.
Bill, Nick, Jan, Thank you all for the quick response and excellent service. (And if course the supreb product) - Jordon E.
David W.
Jason Thanks for the awesome customer service! - David W.
Hey guys, Just wanted to say “Thank you” for your efforts in overnighting (first thing) the correct rail. I ended up having to use one of my other 360 heads because I didn’t have time to test with my Nodal Ninja before the shoot. But I have tested it since then, and I must say I am impressed! Thanks for a great product and great support! Cheers - John
P360 Photography
5 Stars - Odd hours makes ordering things to be posted a few days delayed but customer service is top notch and products are too. Good packaging and quick turnaround considering hours. - P360 Photography
Mario M., Spain
5 Stars - Marca nْmero 1 en rَtulas panorلmicas. La uso desde el aٌo 2008, tengo una muy buena parte de todo su catلlogo: rَtulas, mلstiles, accesorios, etc. Productos de gran duraciَn y con un precio muy favorable. La atenciَn de Bill Balley es excelente. - Mario M., Spain
Ricardo M.
5 Stars - The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating. - Ricardo M.
Hi Thuy & Bill, We're in business! The manual was the missing link, as I put this together by looking at the picture and now understand the instrument much better. It's so easy. Okay, I'll continue watching the YouTube video's and practicing. Thank you so much! - Nodra
+ Perfect.... thanks
+ Absolutely amazing seller. Perfect product!
+ Excellent services and communication
Marco C. Thailand
I experienced some problems placing the order with a thai address online and Thuy was of great support and very professional on placing the order for me. Marco C. Thailand
Meets expectations/Design/Functionality - 5 stars. I bought this after spending a couple of weeks trawling the internet for the best pano head I could afford, and all the time I kept coming back to the NN3. Very well made (I appreciate good engineering) and certainly strong enough for my camera, a Canon 5Dmiii. Really only 2 criticisms I have are firstly, a note or link in the box to set up/tutorial videos, as this was my first nodel point head would be useful, as I had to look up how to set it up for my camera/lens combination, and that took a while. Second is that if the arms were 1" longer, the range of cameras that would fit would be much greater, as the next size up for heavier, bulkier camera/lens setups is twice the price, putting it well out of my reach, so I have to put up with not taking the zenith point for a true 360pano. There is I note a T plate extension I can purchase, but I need to work out if the added dimension would be enough, so the above point is me being picky. Apart from that, I would recommend to anyone. - Duncan
Meets expectations/Design/Functionality - 5 stars.Does the job with an OMD em5+tripod+samyang 7.5mm. 6 pictures and I get a HD 360 image. Great tool... - Charles
Chuck S. Portland OR.
Hey Bill while you have heaps of products you've been very helpful in assisting me to make the right choice. I received the NN6 last week and even though you told there was no documentation on it you really don't need it. You do have some videos that helped but anyone familiar with basic panoramic heads will be able to mount and go. - Chuck S. Portland OR.
Bill, I have used several of your products in these pieces, especially nodal heads. Would be happy to provide a testimonial.
Rob, My shipment just arrived... as an engineer I love the design, fit/finish, robustness and packaging of the products. As a photographer I’ve made over 600 panoramas using Nodal Ninja. Look forward to making pole panoramas, John
RJ Rockwell
5 stars - By RJ Rockwell - Was on time and met my specifications.
4 stars - Beautifully Machined - Verified Purchase - This is a very nicely made product with excellent support from the manufacturer that performs its intended function perfectly as long as your camera is not too big. A Panasonic GH2 with Olympus 75mm lens fits with a little room to spare. My only complaint is the documentation. It comes with several bags of extra parts and only a printed brochure - no assembly instructions or operating instructions. After some searching I was able to locate these on their web site, but the instructions are not very detailed. Eventually it all makes sense, but don't expect to start using it right out of the box. If you want to use this with Arca-Swiss Q/R plates, you will have to purchase a lever - operated clamp from some other manufacturer as the clamp they sell is operated by a thumb screw that interferes with the operation of the device. In fairness they warned me it was not recommended and offered to let me return it if it didn't work.
Daniel S.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja 3 MKII starter package - By Daniel S. - Professional - I'm pleased with the product and the support that I received in ordering it as well as the online instructional support from Nodal Ninja.
4 stars - Panoramic photos: reality and easy to use By JR VERIFIED BUYER. Rapid and easy to use to create very good panoramic photos.
Bradley. 9/13/17
Rob, thank you so much! You guys make a great product and I appreciate your service. - Bradley. 9/13/17
Video Joe from Vail, CO
4 stars - Nodal Ninja N4-PKG - Good product. About Me Pro Photographer. Verified Buyer. Did a little research when getting into 360 panorama photography and this was a well-recommended, affordable solution. Easy to use, well built and fairly compact, this device is an excellent value. Our business has already paid it off with our first 360 real estate shoot. - By Video Joe from Vail, CO
Mike from Tallahassee, FL
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend - By Mike from Tallahassee, FL
Stephen. S. CT
It works as advertised. It makes panoramas easy to do. No more guessing.This package has everything needed to attach your camera and make successful panoramic images. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend - Stephen. S. CT
JR Madrid, Spain
Panoramic photos:reality and easy to use. Rapid and easy to use to create very good panoramic photos. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend - JR Madrid, Spain
Google Inc.
The simplicity and affordability of the R10 are some of the main drawing point for our photographers. Its hard to believe that you were able to make improvements on an already awesome product. - Google Inc.
Paco O. Mexico
Hola, Nodal Ninja! I've actually been a happy Nodal Ninja user for almost a decade now. - Paco O. Mexico
Kerry T. USA
Thank you Nodal Ninja, your rapid response and professionalism is much appreciated. Kind Regards - Kerry T. USA
Ron, Ontario Canada
We really liked the first head we bought so we are buying more! - Cheers Ron, Ontario Canada
Thomas E. Brazil
Bill! It's a pleasure to help you. Your products changed my life! - Thomas E. Brazil
Brian D
I really liking the NN4 may need to investing a leveling head and one of that advanced rotators at some point but for now I could not be happier with it at this point. - Brian D
Andrew J. CA
Thanks so much for the quick response, you guys have the BEST customer service in the business :) - Andrew J. CA
Bill H.
Absolutely amazing piece of equipment (5 Stars) Just like everything I've purchased from Nodal Ninja and Fanotec. This is an amazing tool. It allows me to get some truly unique angles, and being a stable platform I can shoot long into the evening when other elevated options have to pack it in as soon as the exposure times get longer. Thanks Bill and Nick for your attention to detail and uncompromising quality! I'm always visiting the site to see what you've come up with next. (Can't wait to get my hands on that Pole 3 Extension!!) - Posted by Bill H.
Jerry S.
Bill, Just received my order today with the ez leveler, Ultimate, etc. OMG! This head is a work of art. Solid, smooth, much, much, much better than the Manfrotto model! Thanks! - Jerry S.
Carlos Chegado, Photographer, Panedia.com
Bill Bailey is a gentleman, a trustful business man that will go to great lengths to meet his clients needs and fulfill their all their requests. It's always a pleasure to deal with Bill Bailey and so far he has always met and exceeded my expectations. It is rare nowadays to find someone that you can talk to, make a verbal agreement and expect the person to fulfill it, Bill is such a person, if he tells you he is going to do something, he will, no matter what. Bill Bailey's company Nodal Ninja is second to none in the panoramic photography field regarding customer service, pre and post sales. I recommend Bill Bailey to everyone without any reservations. - Carlos Chegado, Photographer, Panedia.com
Greg Downing, President xRez Studio
I wish everyone I have to buy equipment from was as knowledgeable and helpful as Bill. On more than one occasion he has bent over backwards to help us and contributed to the success we have had on projects. Additionally the products he is selling are outstanding. He is always listening to what customers have to say and making significant improvements. - Greg Downing, President xRez Studio
Alex Starns, Technical Program Manager at Google
Bill is a pleasure to work with. He quickly understood our needs, offered creative and affordable solutions, and delivered results on time and with performance better than promised. His products are high-quality and well documented. - Alex Starns, Technical Program Manager at Google
Charles Armstrong, Product Manager at Google
It's my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Bill as one of the kindest and most influential professionals I've ever met in the panoramic photography industry. Given his drive to power the professional through both pano hardware and personal introductions, I count myself lucky to know Bill. - Charles Armstrong, Product Manager at Google
Andrey Ilyin, director at Pano360.ru
I am reselling Nodal Ninja gear here in Russia almost from the very beginning of NN's creation. Can witness Bill's excellent communication and dedication to the quality service. Bill managed to form a great team of professionals - it is real pleasure to work with these guys. - Andrey Ilyin, director at Pano360.ru
Tony Veinberg, Senior Database Administrator at Datacom
I had the pleasure of working with Bill whilst reselling the Nodal Ninja range in Australia. I found Bill to be helpful, courteous and always easy to deal with. One very professional person. And I still use Nodal Ninja products... they are the best. - Tony Veinberg, Senior Database Administrator at Datacom
Owner at 360Texas.com
Over the last 5 years we at 360Texas.com have worked with Bill Bailey and his company. As a supplier he has supplied us with the proper photographic equipment so that we can complete high quality imaging products for our clients. His high caliber equipment has helped us complete our work on contract completion time and within budget. - Dave Albright, Co - Owner at 360Texas.com
Tom Lassiter, Telling your story with words and pictures.
I'm a repeat customer for Bill's panoramic photography products, the Nodal Ninja brand. It's first-quality equipment that has served me well shooting panoramic images throughout the United States and abroad. Bill is a photographer himself, a strong proponent of 360-degree panoramas, and a hands-on guy who looks after his customers. - Tom Lassiter, Telling your story with words and pictures.
Jan Van Der Woning
Photography Specialist in VR and 360 degrees panoramic imaging. I know Bill and his company for years. What strikes most is the service attitude Bill has. Always looking for solutions to make the VR and the panoramic industry better. Inventing new and better devices to produce a technical perfect panorama, high quality utensils and all for a fair price. I would like to recommend Bill and his company if you ever plan to start or improve your panoramic and/or vr work. - Jan Van Der Woning
Over the past 12 years, we've tried a lot of rotators and various panoramic lens and equipment from nearly every known manufacturer on the planet. I've never been truly "satisfied" with any of them up until I met Bill from Nodal Ninja.
Bartley Wilson, 360° Augmented Reality SaaS | Real Estate VR & Law Enforcement
Their products are durable, reliable and affordable. We bundle Nodal Ninja products with our own VPiX® HTML 5 virtual tour software that we make here in Colorado. Our clients range love the 1-stop shopping and training convenience. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great service, Bill. Keep up the great work. - Bartley Wilson, 360° Augmented Reality SaaS | Real Estate VR & Law Enforcement
Thomas Erh, Fotografia Panorâmica, Panorâmicas interativas em 360؛, Tour Virtuais e Gigapixels.
Bill Bailey is not only one of the most important person in the 360 VR industry, but he is also one of the most kind person too. Always listening to his clients needs and always looking for a way to help. I'm proud to use Nodal Ninja products! - Thomas Erh, Fotografia Panorâmica, Panorâmicas interativas em 360؛, Tour Virtuais e Gigapixels.
Carlton SooHoo, Commercial Photographer, Educator & Social Artist
I use the Nodal Ninja for my Virtual Tour photography work. Bill is always a pleasure to speak with and I enjoy all the creativity put into new products. Bill is very committed to advancing the industry of 360-degree photography. - Carlton SooHoo, Commercial Photographer, Educator & Social Artist
Stoney Vintson, Software Development
Bill provides great products with excellent customer service. His staff have excellent knowledge and will go the extra mile for you. Recently he expedited an overnight shipment on a part that I needed before leaving the country. I highly recommend Bill and Nodal Ninja. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with his company. - Stoney Vintson, Software Development
Mike Eller, Owner, Mike Eller Photography
It is my pleasure to recommend Nodal Ninja Panoramic tripod heads that are provided by Bill Bailey LLC. The Nodal Ninja product line is a professional product that I am glade to have purchased. As a professional photographer that provides Panoramic images for my clients I find the Nodal Ninja product a great value and easy to use. You can see samples of panoramic images created with a Nodal Ninja Panoramic head on my website: www.mikeeller.com. - Mike Eller, Owner, Mike Eller Photography
Gillon McClintock, Owner at Graphics Inc
It is always a pleasure to deal with Bill Bailey at Fanotec. He is always quick to reply to any questions we have and will always go out of his way to assist us in keeping our clients happy. If only we could get this sort of service from all our suppliers... - Gillon McClintock, Owner at Graphics Inc
Toni Fong, Google Trusted Photographer at VR360
Bill and all Nodal Ninja staff like Mauro, Nick & Rob are always helpful, fast and available to answer and help all questions you may have about their products. Simply one of the best supports I had from a company. Besides that they have the best panoramic heads and accessories. Solid, light and precise. And always creating new toys and gadgets for the panoramic community worldwide. Keep up the good work ! - Toni Fong, Google Trusted Photographer at VR360
Thomas Rauscher, Chief Gnome at Garden Gnome Software
Bill is a very helpful partner and he shared a lot of his knowledge with us. It is a real pleasure to work with Bill. - Thomas Rauscher, Chief Gnome at Garden Gnome Software
Gregory Panayotou, 360° VR Photographer & Multimedia WeB Developper, Greg Direct2Brain.net
Bill is the most professional, most friendly and most helpful person I've ever worked with, in the world of 360° photography. All the discussions I had with him led me to more accurately and more efficiencies in my professional work. I particularly liked his humility, his sense of service, advice and helpfulness (something quite rare in the world of 360° photography to be noticed). And beyond this, its equipment range Nodal Ninja, provides a level of strength and quality that is unmatched by its competitors, both in terms of price and in terms of quality. - Gregory Panayotou, 360° VR Photographer & Multimedia WeB Developper, Greg Direct2Brain.net
Trausti Hraunfjord, Panoramic Services
It is my pleasure to recommend Bill as a business relationship, and as a human being. The Nodal Ninja products represent a top quality range of panorama related items that far exceed one's expectations, and on the service front, it will be hard - if not impossible - to find any other company that is equally dedicated to service their customers as well as the people over at Nodal Ninja do. Professional service, professional quality and very affordable prices. My satisfaction with their products and services is such, that I have a link to their website through my panorama software website, and also in the interface of the main two panorama related software packages my company provides (Flashificator and Pano Cocoon). "Customer satisfaction" is something one will truly understand after using Nodal Ninja products and "Customer Service" is an unknown term until you have experienced their services. - Trausti Hraunfjord, Panoramic Services
Erik Vlietinck, Freelance tech journalist/reviewer, information creator, online publisher
I recommend Bill and his company wholeheartedly. When I wrote a review 4 years back on Nodal Ninja's then top-product, Bill helped me from start to finish. And as I am not a professional panorama photographer, I needed his help on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, Bill answered all my silly questions as if they were the most important thing he had to do (and I'm sure he had plenty of other work waiting for him). In contrast, one of Bill's major competitors was too arrogant to even consider working with me on a review. As for the Nodal Ninja products; I can vouch for their quality of build, sturdiness and accuracy. I also don't know of any other company that communicates so intensely and continuously with its customers and then puts their views in reality if it's technically feasible. - Erik Vlietinck, Freelance tech journalist/reviewer, information creator, online publisher
Vincèn PUJOL, Independent Computer Software and Photography Professional
Working with Bill is definitively an unique experience. I distribute since few years his products and it's day to day win/win relationship. Bill and his company are dedicated at tech support and assistance before and after sales, and fully committed on selling and developping products at best possible for customers. He takes great care to listen all customers/resellers feedback and personally handle them when needed. Bill is also someone very valuable for business advices and I own him a great reward for that for my own business. - Vincèn PUJOL, Independent Computer Software and Photography Professional
Tim Vollmer, Owner, Tim Vollmer Photography
It is my pleasure to recommend Bill, The Nodal Ninja products represent a top quality. These Panorama heads are perfect in fact. Nodal Ninja have certainly put a lot of thought into this. We are very proud to announce that on all our Tours & Workshops we are able to teach many photographers how to shoot full 360×180 spherical Panoramas. - Tim Vollmer, Owner, Tim Vollmer Photography
Carel Struycken, Independent Media Production Professional
Nodal Ninja's commitment to quality and service is superb. Requests for help or spare parts are always instantly taken care of and Bill Bailey has managed to build a loyal community of customers. - Carel Struycken, Independent Media Production Professional
Mok Oh, CEO at Moju Labs
Nodal Ninja is one of the best, if the the best, tripod heads I've used. Bill's products made panoramic photography simple, affordable, and portable. - Mok Oh, CEO at Moju Labs
Sacha Griffin, Owner, Southern Digital Solutions LLC
Billy Bailey's and his site nodalninja.com goes above and beyond in delivering a great product with great service. - Sacha Griffin, Owner, Southern Digital Solutions LLC
Scott Lerman, CEO at Lucid Brands
One of the best companies I've ever worked with. Innovative, in-tune with what customers need, and the nicest, most helpful customer service you'll find anywhere. Anywhere! - Scott Lerman, CEO at Lucid Brands
The great thing about Bill and his Nodal Ninja business is that he treats all his customers, even the small ones the same way as he did in the beginning. Patiently and thoroughly with great service. This together with briliant products means a lot to me ... - Ondrej Brunecky, Photographer and owner of businesses - ViewART.cz
Benedict Kim, Photographer
I've been using the Nodal Ninja product line literally since the beginning of my career as a panoramic photographer. This product line is excellent and robust. - Benedict Kim, Photographer
Terry Montague, Partner at Regal 360 L.L.C.
I reached out to Bill a while back when deciding on which panoramic camera head would be best suited for my set up. There are very few people I know with the integrity, and honesty, required to make such a recommendation. Bill earned my respect that day, and I recommend Bill's products to everyone I meet. I have yet to hear a single complaint. - Terry Montague, Partner at Regal 360 L.L.C.
Radek Piotrowski, Owner, ELBIT vr24.pl
Very good heads and equipment for panoramas, even better service. I recommend to everyone. - Radek Piotrowski, Owner, ELBIT vr24.pl
Robert F. USA
Bill and the others are great guys, excellent service! - Robert F. USA
Museum Photographer
5 Stars - Top Notch - M1L w/RD16-II review: This thing is solid. if you're using a DSLR to create panos then you need a tripod head that won't budge unless you want it to. With the Nodal Ninja you're paying for that quality engineering. The Swiss Arca system is simple and effective and you will find an assortment of accessories for your needs.I am using the Nodal Ninja for creating 360 panoramas to be used in virtual tours. Put it on a sturdy heavy tripod and you will get the precision required to minimize stitching errors and correction time. Don't forget to order an adapter that fits your specific camera.It comes in a nice quality case, doesn't fit perfectly inside but it looks & feels good! - Museum Photographer
Keith Martin UK
My Ninja is still going strong. He pops up unexpectedly in random places: sitting on the rear view mirror, in the fridge, in a coat pocket... NOBODY expects Ninja! - Keith Martin UK
Kevin H. Vermont
Hi Bill, I am a long time user of your panoramic gear - I helped co-found our company in 2007, and we use all Nodal Ninja equipment - we have dozens of of them. - - Kevin H. Vermont
Libbie Martin
Rob, thank you so much for your fantastic customer service! I appreciate you sending me a new leveler! - Libbie Martin
John W. Perth Australia
I love my Nodal Ninja stuff and highly recommend them to all pano photographers I meet and teach. In fact I was gutted that I had thought South African Airways had lost my Travel Pole and a ton of other gear on my recent trip to Africa. But I was lucky and got it back and it was a very happy reunion! - John W. Perth Australia
Carsten R. Germany
Just love the product line. Got so many Fanotec products. And with Vincèn Pujol I have a very good purveyor who leaves no questions unanswered. That too is very important to me! - Carsten R. Germany
Timo N. Finland
Just now you have available everything I can think to need for my purposes :) I like your style to run your business... :) - Timo N. Finland
Martin B. USA
5 out of 5: "They did a great job of timely delivery with nice packaging. - Martin B. USA
Ahamd A. USA
5 out of 5: "A+" - Ahamd A. USA
5 out of 5: "The way all sales should be! I highly recommend this seller."
Salvatore C. Mexico
5 out of 5: "excellent!" - Salvatore C. Mexico
Awesome product! Quality is A+ from a very good seller! Thanks! NEW Nodal Ninja SPH2sd Panorama QTVR Tripod Head -
A++ Solid, well made product, prompt shipment, great communication. NEW Nodal Ninja SPH2sd Panorama QTVR Tripod Head -
excellent transaction; fast communication and shipping NEW Nodal Ninja SPH2sd Panorama QTVR Tripod Head -
Flawless transaction, super fast delivery. Triple A product! Triple A seller! Nodal Ninja Panorama QTVR Spherical Photo Tripod Head -
Excellent product and quick shipping. Thanks. Nodal Ninja Panorama QTVR Spherical Photo Tripod Head -
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++. Nodal Ninja Panorama QTVR Spherical Photo Tripod Head -
Thank you for the product its great A++++ Seller -
Item as described,A1 transaction,recommend highly,A+++++++,would buy from agai -
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.Excellent buyer. A++++++. -
Hope to deal with you again. Thank you. -
Great seller, gooditem, would buy from again! -
The best in the Net, Fast service, good quality, Responds quickly to all emails. -
great products and great prices AAAAAA+++++ -
Exc. seller! Rec'd item right away as described! Recommend! A++++++++++++++++ -
Great service. Item arrived 2 days earlier than expected. Exactly as advertised -
Very helpful, fast delivery and great product, Will buy from this seller again. -
Good service, fast shipment. Thanks -
Fast service. -
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What can I say...I wish all E - Bayers were this good!
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Really went out of his way to make this a great purchase, much appreciated. -
Received quickly and works great! -
Really nice product. The case is very handy. Deliverd promptly. -
Big Ticket Sale. Lightning Fast Payment. Highly Recommended Buyer. AAA+ Ebayer. -
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If they were all as easy as this one I could get 10x the work done Flawless deal -
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++ -
Item as described - quick shipping.
Rapid shipping, well - packed, and this is one cool product!
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honest seller; great product & communication; delivered in a couple days - AAA++++++
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Shipped same day! Great product, love the secure metal feel, nice case. A++++ -
Tom B. USA
M1-L: The best panoramic head that you can currently buy. I have been using this professionally for the last few years and there is nothing on the market that even comes close to ease of use. the click stops on the rotator are so great when shooting in low light or at night. You never need to frame the shot through the viewfinder, just rotate to the next click stop. - Tom B. USA
Alexander P.
Great products, even better customer service. Thank you! - Alexander P.
Sky H. USA
The NN4 with RD16-II - The NN4 is well made and simple to use. It just works! - Sky H. USA
Laddie Crisp
I just purchased my third VR Panoramic Head. My first was around 2006. The products are of excellent value and workmanship and continue to improve over time. As always a great experience shopping with Nodal Ninja! - Laddie Crisp
Scott M. NY
I have to say, I worked with my new Nodal Ninja 4 a LOT over the past weekend shooting a number of test photos (~300) of real estate interiors, and I'm impressed. Your equipment is really very well made. I do some higher-end real estate work commercially, both locally and in Manhattan, and also am working on spearheading a VR 360 tour with the Olympic Regional development Authority here in Lake Placid. It's a new addition to my work, but I'm excited about it. - Scott M. NY
Central Texas USA
Caveats. You really do need a steady tripod. The NN is solidly constructed, but it is still a series of cantilevers with a significant weight (the camera) at the end. Particularly for nightime long exposures, I find myself shortening the tripod legs and sitting on a stool behind the tripod. A stone bag or other tripod steading device helps as well. - Central Texas USA
Dennis L.
5.0 out of 5 stars - It works for me. - I'm not sure why it took me so long to discover this excellent tool. I think it was because I was put off by very high priced versions of the same basic tool. With an a6000 size camera or Sigma Quattro, the default detents work well and after only a little bit of playing around I got it. I've put together excellent panoramic stitches without much effort. This tool makes that process so so so so much easier. It could be a bit thinner, a bit lighter, but for all factors considered, this thing just works. I think it would hold a small SLR also. update, works just fine with a D7200 and up to a 60mm macro lens (pretty heavy). - Dennis L.
mshoopon USA
5 stars - I was able to make perfect 360 deg panoramas with this adapter. Worked exactly as advertised. I was able to make perfect 360 deg panoramas with this adapter. Its well built and the design is will thought out. - By mshoopon USA
Jeff S. USA
5.0 out of 5 stars - Five Stars - Great for panos! - Jeff S. USA
Donald F. USA
5 stars - Verified Purchase - Awesome - Donald F. USA
Hey there, Thank you for the fast response. You guys have excellent service. That is RARE these days. Best Regards - Bradley
Tony Redhead
I predominantly shoot 360˚ panoramas promoting expedition travel so I need rugged precision equipment that I can rely on when I'm shooting in remote locations of the world. I've used Nodal Ninja products for over 15 years and I can always count on the products and the company to keep me shooting in all situations. - Tony Redhead
George S. Pearl, QPP / Atlanta Panorama / ALPS Labs
Hi Bill, I received the Knob today for my rail and thank you very much! I lost the original one out on the Falcon’s football field, so I suppose that one is gone forever. Since they played a game in the Georgia Dome this weekend, I guess it has been cleated into the ground by now. Now I know to stick an O-Ring on the end of the thing so maybe I hope to never need another Knob Job from you ever again! Many thanks for the knob and what you do for us. With best wishes for your continued success, Very truly yours, - George S. Pearl, QPP / Atlanta Panorama / ALPS Labs
Robert Bock / VFX sup/ VFX DP (RodeoFX)
Hello I wonder why it's taken me so long to purchase one of your products. I am totally pleased with the precision, fine machining and efficient minimalist nature of my new kit. Thank you and keep up the excellent work. - Robert Bock / VFX sup/ VFX DP (RodeoFX)
Steve McIlree
My NN4 irregular arrived yesterday. just three days after I ordered it. I am amazed at the keen eyesight your quality control folks must have because I have scrutinized the product very carefully and can detect no flaws that would cause me to call it a reject. It is certainly a testimony to the high standards of your company. I was also impressed by the fact that it is the first time I have ordered an item from any size company and had it arrive with a handwritten thank you from the CEO on the invoice. - Steve McIlree
Neil Jones / Wanganui, New Zealand
When a company gets customer service right the feeling is awesome. My problem, I needed a parts kit, a small item only a few dollars but online ordering prevented with courier costs. So I stopped my online shopping cart. A few days later an email saying about completing my order came through. I replied to this cordially and happily saying no problem and I understand courier cost US to NZ makes it a bonkers idea. Mere moments later a reply from Rob at Nodal Ninja letting me know that he agreed with the bonkers courier cost and will send me the repair kit and postage free of charge. I was already happy with the company and product but attention to small detail service like this is nothing less than outstanding. What they have done is guaranteed that all of my future and recommended purchases will be to Fanotec Nodal Ninja. Too many people are quick to shout and complain. Too few will shout to congratulate and applaud. Epic job. Thank you - Neil Jones / Wanganui, New Zealand
Dear Rob, This small message to tell you that the packet is well arrive in Cambodia, i have try our product since 3 evening and I should say that after more than 30 years photography, I don’t see a product so well finish as you’re at this day! If you need any testimonial in French, or German… let me know that will be my pleasure. Warms regards - Stéphane
Thanks, Rob! You're my hero! - Lois
TJ Nuckolls
You're amazing. Thanks so much. I really look forward to capturing my first images! Best, TJ - - TJ Nuckolls
Mario C., Columbia
Waw!!!!! Thank you very much! I love NN!!!! :-) - Mario C., Columbia
Chaim P. USA
Wow Bill Bailey you have outdone yourself.. yet again. - Chaim P. USA
Fabio M. USA
I see well, I think it'll work! Thanks so much, Bill you're the best! - Fabio M. USA
Dave K. USA
Good advice. Thanks for all your tips Bill, much appreciated. - Dave K. USA
Harmeet S. India
Dear Bill, Hope all is well with you. I have been using the nodal ninja carbon travel pole & I must congratulate you as its truly a fabulous product. Its wonderful !! - Harmeet S. India
Murray Q. New Zealand
Feel free to ask for a virtual tour (or several) to use on your website as a testimonial of what a nodal ninja can achieve. Best regards - Murray Q. New Zealand
Ken W. Canada
we look forward to using your product with our Digital Visual Effects Post Grad students. take care, - Ken W. Canada
Roy N. California
Thanks again for all your great service and support! If you are ever in need of customer testimonials I'm happy to provide one. Best - Roy N. California
Mick Deutsch, Australia
Dear Nodal Ninja people ... I thought I would drop you a line after 6 months on Nodal Ninja 5 ownership. My observations will be doubtless apply to the newer models. I procrastinated for at least 9 months before buying a Nodal Ninja head. What a fool I was. The quality is superb from the first moment you open the padded case it comes in. You notice the quality when using this superb head ... its precision really is a pleasure. After calibration (on a lazy Sunday afternoon), the time you save in setting up your shot is immediately apparent. This time alone is worth the price, even above the quality feel and operation of the head. Anyone wanting to do well at Panorama photography will NOT be disappointed. When you stitch the picture, you see the quality again ... The image stitches about 5 times as fast because individual images are so precisely aligned. Also, there are a few good you tube videos to help you align your body with all your lenses ...My sincere thanks to your company for making and selling this excellent product. - Mick Deutsch, Australia
When you don't any problems with your package is always great feedback. -
5/5: A very satisfying purchase. Product was exactly as described, arrived in perfect condition and got here very quickly. I REALLY liked the handwritten "thank you" on the packing slip; the first personalized one I've gotten in this impersonal world of online ordering -
5/5: Thanks for the item. well packaged. -
5/5: Great gear for the price. -
5/5: Im very happy! -
5/5: Item arrived very quickly and in excellent(new) condition. Packaged very well, fast shipment, and great communication with the seller! Outstanding transaction! Thank you! -
5/5: Great deal, thank you. -
5/5: good packing fast shipping thanx -
5/5: great item, great seller, recommended -
5/5: It Arrived as expected. I had no contact with the seller other than the order fulfillment. I am excited to try the camera mount.... as soon as the camera is backfrom the repair shop. -
5/5: Good deal, thank you. -
5/5: Great and fast service! -
5/5: good -
5/5: excellent i get my item at time and works more better than other version and with this i can up and down the camera is a good item, tyvm.
5/5: Great service. Fast Shipping. -
5/5: Great transaction -
5/5: fast shipping, this item is described as a "standard package". actually it is "starter kit" -
5/5: Fast shipping, item in great condition. Thanks! -
5/5: Thankyou, this is the best !!! -
5/5: Its ok -
5/5: Excelente seller. Very fast shipping. A+++++ -
5/5: Great Seller!! -
5/5: arrived early -
5/5: Excellent product, excellent service -
4/5: Disappointed that this item ships without a user manual.

Seller Response: All panoramic heads ship with Quick Reference Guides which are also available as downloadable pdf files on our website.

5/5: Good! -
5/5: Product came as specified. Very satisfied. -
5/5: Excellent seller. They have the best customer support in the VR industry, bar none. I *highly* recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. -
5/5: Incredible seller, prompt delivery and great quality service. -
5/5: Nodal Ninja has been great to work with. However Amazon seems to a different story in attempting to return this item due to the need to purchase the bigger model. Again, working with the seller has been great but getting Amazon it issue the needed paper work to return the original order seems have developed into a no response issue. I will not be dealing with Amazon purchases in the future. -
5/5: Llegأƒآ³ a Chile sin problemas a travأƒآ©s de un courier. Todo muy bien! -
5/5: Nodal Ninja is the best in product quality and service! -
5/5: As usual, excellent product and service. Highly recommended vendor! -
5/5: Item delivered on time, was as described, great customer service. -
5/5: Quick shipping excellent product. Great Amazoner! -
5/5: E-mailed seller requesting expedited shipping. He never responded via e - mail, but the item was shipped promptly and was received before my 'need' date.
5/5: Great product, very well made and works beautifully. Shipping was way fast, less than a week. If you are in to Panoramic photography than you either have one of these heads or you need one. -
4/5: Delivered as expected... -
1/5: I didn't like dealing with hem.

Seller Response: Order processed smoothly. Buyers many times think expedited shipping means Express next day service. Customer received item before time stated. If ever a concern just contact us for quick resolve - thx

5/5: Great Seller. -
5/5: Excellent service -
5/5: had an issue with the product the problem was corrected immediately. -
5/5: Very happy with this vendor, product came on time, in new condition and very quickly. -
5/5: Item was as represented. Very satisfied. -
5/5: Good service -
3/5: I did not appreciate the fact you gave a me a charger with no cord to charge the battery also I did not like the fact that you did not include a strap for the camera and one of the batteries were broken.

Seller Response: we clearly stated this in item listing. You did get all items as described in listing. Sellers generally do not mention all the items a listing doesn't include - only the items it does include. Also buyer failed to contact us with concern or we have have gladly made generous restitution for misunderstanding.

5/5: Fast delivery. More than adequate packaging. Item delivered in exact condition as described. -
1/5: "Item Was Actually Not In Stock Even Though It Was Still Listed, Before they notified me about this I had already ordered the ink cartridges for it which I was not able to get a complete refund. I am highly disappointed with this seller. "

Seller Response: two orders came in for 1 item at same time - highly unusual but certainly not worthy of a 1 rating. We understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. Inks are always returnable if unopened.

5/5: "Great Service! Thanks!" -
5/5: "Everything went just fine with my purchase." -
5/5: "Good deal; thank you." -
5/5: "Super; thank you." -
1/5: "I accidentally ordered two, but despite repeated attempts to contact the supplier both before the items shipped, and after they arrived, I could not get any response from the seller."

Seller Response: We respond to ALL concerns promptly. There are "no" emails from buyer through our website or Amazon.com store. He may have called after hours or left unclear message on phone. Rating of "1" is unfair and certainly unreasonable. We ALWAYS return calls. Even though it was buyer mistake we refunded total shipping cost.

4/5: Exellent

Seller Response: Why the "4" rating? If you ever have question or concern please never hesitate to contact us.

5/5: "satisfied for much" -
5/5: "Arrived quickly. Very happy with product." -
"Excellent product. Fast shipping" -
5/5: "Thanks!" -
5/5: "Very Prompt shipping. Very Happy with product." -
5/5: "Incredibly generous seller, allowed me to return the lens when it didn't suit my needs, even though he was not obligated to. Highly recommended" -
5/5: "NodalNinja was extremely helpful with my order. He went out of his way to make sure I received the product on time. The product was in MINT condition as advertised and he also provided helpful and intelligent responses to my product questions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. " -
5/5: "Seller very generously reversed all charges when I canceled an item during transit; very courteous and professional communication. " -
5/5: "Excellent shipping and packing." -
5/5: "good experience " -
5/5: "Item as described, great product, great service." -
5/5: "Excellent product and fast shipping, thank you!" -
5/5: "Good seller.Thanks." -
5/5: "Outtstanding service. Make sure when ordering check what carrier will be sending you your product. Highly recommend future customers to purchase from this company - quality, solid product with great customer service! "
5/5: "Ordered late Friday, arrived early Monday morning, doesn't get any better than that. Excellent product, Excellent service, will do business with again." -
5/5: "quick delivery and quick response on contact." -
5/5: "Arrived very fast. Thanks for great service." -
5/5: "A definite 5 stars, and a BIG Thank You, Bill Bailey. When I inquired about the shipment date, Bill did not hesitate to upgrade the shipment option from "regular" to "express"... so that I could receive my Nodal Ninja on time for my trip. THANK YOU!" -
5/5: "Package arrived earlier than expected." -
5/5: This product is as described and is doing the job I needed it for at about half the price of some of it's competitor. I have have used it with a Canon 5d mkII and 24 - 905mm lens. but will be using a lighter lens most of the time. Thanks"d fast shipping, thank you!
5/5: "Service was fast and accurate. I called to ask about a T - plate adapter which wasn't included in the kit but I may have needed. I intended to pay for the part, yet when I called the seller, he went ahead and sent it out express mail at no charge. He obviously wanted to provide good customer service and he did. The product is great and I have no complaints.
5/5: "Product works well and as expected. Prompt delivery." -
4/5: The only difficulty was getting the merchandise delivered. USPS simply dropped off a slip indicating that item needed to be picked up at the P.O., although I was at home at the time. Perhaps USPS is not he best way to ship merchandise.

Seller Response: We do offer UPS and FedEx and by default we do ask for delivery confirmation so if not home they can only leave a pick up slip. Also the slip they leave many times allows you to sign giving instruction to the carrier to redeliver and leave at your door. We're sorry the experience you encounter, even though out of our control, made you feel our product/service was only worth a rating of 4.

5/5: "fast, great service." -
5/5: "The best customer service I have delt with." -
5/5: "Let me tell you, it does not come any faster. Trust me, these guys are a perfect "90"." -
5/5: "This is a great item, it does what it has to do perfectly well. I had a technical question and the answer came back within hours! Great product, great service." -
Shigeru, Japan
Dear Bill, How should I tell the feeling of these thanks to you? Because I am weak in English, I may not convey my feeling well. I really thank for your goodwill of this time. I look forward to that an article arrives very much. You're very kind. - Best regards,Shigeru, Japan
Brian. K USA
Hi Bill, Thanks for the follow-up. And for the kind gift. Cheers - Brian. K USA
Bill H. USA
Just like everything I've purchased from Nodal Ninja and Fanotec. This is an amazing tool. It allows me to get some truly unique angles, and being a stable platform I can shoot long into the evening when other elevated options have to pack it in as soon as the exposure times get longer. Thanks Bill and Nick for your attention to detail and uncompromising quality! I'm always visiting the site to see what you've come up with next. (Can't wait to get my hands on that Pole 3 Extension!!) - Bill H. USA
Regards, Suzanne
Hi Rob:We have been so busy but wanted to thank you for meeting with us on Monday morning. Brad and I really appreciate your time and support. The extension arm works great! - Regards, Suzanne
Thomas B. Austria
Extensive gear testing last week: Nodal Ninja M2 panorama head. 1st impression: super precise. built like a tank. manual gigapixeling at it's best! - Thomas B. Austria
Keiji Y. Hokkaido, Japan.
This product is superior in cost performance. I am very happy :-)) - Keiji Y. Hokkaido, Japan.
Harry Hobo USA
Very satisfied with your products. - Harry Hobo USA
Vern S. Vancouver, WA
While I have not used the Nodal Ninja system yet form the quality of the machine work that I have found in the construction of these units I would expect them to last for years and perform the task required of them with no problems. I am looking forward to my next purchase which will be the Series 2 Pole System. - Vern S. Vancouver, WA
Anonymous USA
You have a very special relationship with your customers, keep it up. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Just ordered for the first time but wanted to thank the Ozzy from Melbourne for the great customer service! Thanks! - Anonymous USA
Jeff T USA
Nonetheless, you produce a beautifully fuctional piece of equipment from which I hope to get years of use. Kudos also to your top-notch customer service dept. & it's dedication to rapid response. Thank you.... - Jeff T USA
Anonymous USA
I support and train on the Nodal Ninja 3 solution for Leica HDS in the UK and really do have confidence in recommending this equipment to Customers because of the quality and relaibilty of the products, which I feel are supurbly engineered. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Good to see that you are collecting data about your service! - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Your products are, to my opinion, the best and easiest to work with. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Made some virtual tours with NN4 :) It's better! - Anonymous USA
Anonymous UK
Keep on working so good and hard for the panocomunity. I hope to meet one of you at one of those interesting annual meetings I´ve always wished to attend. Maybe next time, who knows. - Anonymous UK
David J USA
The quality of your product in top rate. I was considering other manufactures but the quality and price point won out. This in a very high end product. - David J USA
jean - and France
Altrough the internet site is nice, but he also is a bit complex visually, maybe there are too much indications given everywhere on the various pages (too much goodwill should I say) on the contrary it is more human (compare with 360 precision for example) - jean - and France
Anonymous USA
My experience with Nodal Ninja has been great. I feel that you sincerely care about the product and the people who use it. keep up the good work. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
I just LOVE my NNs :-) AND Bill Bailey crew as well :-) - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Great products! Fantastic service, second to none! Is Nick getting any sleep??? :) - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
That guy at North Bay Panos is great!! - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
I have not much money. But if I have money, I will consider greatly your products… - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
You should update this survey with your new products (NN4 and M1) so folks who have those or are looking to get them can mark those answers. Otherwise, keep up the great work! - Anonymous USA
karl Germany
I have been extremely pleased with the quick responses to emails. Your customer service is one of the best that I have experienced. The quality of products and after purchase support is excellent. Keep up the great work. - regards, karl Germany
Anonymous USA
With Nodal Ninja, the vast majority of my panorama work has been effortless. Any errors were generally human-caused (ie leaving the system on auto-focus, etc). I cannot blame any errors on the NN 5. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Mauro Contrafatto was most kind in answering my multiple emails. While his answers convinced me to take the plunge and purchase I still have some unanswered questions. I will poke around the site more to look for user groups, PTGui Templates, tripod recommendations, etc. Over all I'm excited about my purchase and I can't wait to finally retire my home made wooden pano mount. It works fine, but looks completely amateur. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
So far Nodal Ninja is the best for me - small,lightweight,sturdy - for use with medium sized cameras. I bought directly online- worked very well. - Anonymous USA
Hugh A. UK
I have purchased items from Nodal Ninja in the USA and Red Door and 3D Tactical VR in the UK and have found all three excelent to deal with.... I have met Andrew and he really does know his stuff. However I have links to all 3 on my web site....The only problem with dealing direct with Nodal Ninja in the USA is the duty payable on items entering the UK and the £8 the Post Office charge to colect the duty, which is a great shame as USA prices are much keener than UK prices and I would have bought a Nadir Adapter for $34.95, but am recluctant to buy one at £51.54. - Hugh A. UK
Anonymous USA
I use My NN in conjunction with a leica HDS 6000 to apply color mapping. I also do some pano tours on the side. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Bill's service is amazing as always! :) Thank you guys. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Excellent quality! - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
there really isnt more I can say....you are great! - Anonymous USA
See 360precision.com for they do a great job showing their lines, but their reputation is horrible that's why I did not buy their gear. Even their distributors hate them. -
Anonymous USA
You are doing wonderful marketing for I see your ads everywhere I look. Probably the best job out there... It seems like your engineering is flawless from what I saw in Tucson. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
Keep the good work guys. - Anonymous USA
Anonymous USA
You guys rock! - Anonymous USA
Crosbydove OR
I have found nothing but good things to say about this product. Strong build with easy moving parts and a sharp design. I have photographed many panos with this. Stitching is perfect and very accurate with the degrees. Happy customer. - Crosbydove OR
Rodasaurusrex from Vancouver, WA
Nodal Ninja EZL-II-C - A must when it comes to leveling! About Me Pro Photographer. Verified Buyer. I use the EZ Leveler with my Nodal Ninja panoramic head... absolutely perfect when it comes to ease of use and great results! I highly recommend! Yes, I would recommend this to a friend - Rodasaurusrex from Vancouver, WA
RVDigitalBoy from Alachua, Florida
Nodal Ninja EZL-II-C - On the Level ...Really. About Me Photo Enthusiast. Verified Buyer. I bought the EZ Leveler II in order to shoot level panoramas with my new Nodal Ninja M1L panorama head. It works as advertised. I attach the EZ Leveler II to my sturdy Manfroto tripod. To the EZ I attach the M1L. Using the M1l's bubble level I make adjustments to my tripod's ball head. Then I fine tune the level with the EZ until the bubble is centered. That's all there is to it. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend - RVDigitalBoy from Alachua, Florida
M. lopez CA
I'm convinced this is a critical tool. I've been doing panoramic photography for a short time, and I've been reluctant to plunk down a small chunk of money for a device like this, instead reverting to alternative ideas to make pans, i.e. fisheye lens adapters and lens rings. After my last road trip, and a few photographic epiphanies along that way, I decided to take the plunge and pick up this item. It's turned into a great investment. Using this device along with a simple point-and-shoot camera has taught me a ton more about shooting angles, no-parallax points, and just photography in general. It's also helped me understand better my camera's operational abilities and limitations. Do yourself a favor. If you are an aspiring panographer or just a typical spherical photography hack like me, plunk down the $[$]for this item, and also pick up a sturdy, headless tripod along for the ride. They'll both be worth the investment. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend - M. lopez CA
Best, Cramer G. North Carolina
Hi Store, I know y'all don't make money shipping things. VERY pleased I could buy this product and support your company! - Best, Cramer G. North Carolina
Mina I. Florida
Dear Bill, You guys are awesome, best customer service ever. - Mina I. Florida
Hi, Just a little note to thank you for the excellent after sale service you provided. I will be pleased to talk about your quality products and very good service if an occasion rises. -
Blaine E. Japan
Hi Bill...I love your products and your service has always been excellent...Last year after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami I thought it would be a real good idea to document the devastation with 360s so people could get a sense of the overwhelming scale. Also to document the progress at the same places a year later. I tried to figure out if there was a way I could do it myself but it was beyond I could pull off. Last month I bumped into the 360s by Akila Ninomiya with support from several 360-related companies but particularly by Nodal Ninja. I was glad to see that someone was able to do it. Those panos are so painful to look at but so important. Good on you for stepping up and helping! - Blaine E. Japan
Nick G. Canada
Hi Bill, First of all, congratulations on a great product – I’ve been doing a lot of research into 360 photography recently and the Nodal Ninja always comes out top of the pile when it comes to reviews! Thanks - Nick G. Canada
David A. Illinois
Using the Nodal Ninja for spherical panoramic photography will be a great asset to fortify our usual crime scene photographs. This will allow us to use a dynamic presentation to better potray the scene of any crime. - David A. Illinois
John L. Bath
The NN Fanotec carbon fibre pano pole and tripod clamps were delivered promptly, were well packed and exceeded expectations of engineering and finish. In use the kit combines with my Gitzo cf tripod seamlessly and the combination works extremely well. Recommended without reservation! - John L. Bath
Peter A. UK
The item was dispatched on time as promised. It was easy to contact for any queries to be answered. Today, I have attached the GPS device to my Nikon D200 camera and taken a test picture. I have been able to Geotagg the image and the location is very close, within a reasonable tolerance. The only thought that I have had is I need to establish a suitable Workflow when considering working on 100s of images. Thank you - Peter A. UK
Bob G. Ely
A very well engineered, ingenious product. It's sold 'flat-pack', so 5 stars for being complete down to the last washer! Obviously, it has to be sold this way, as you have to customise it to the dimensions of your own camera. The inclusion of a millimetre steel rule and the link to very user-friendly step-by-step instructions on the website makes everything straightforward. My only caveat is that I felt it it was slightly expensive (maybe we're still paying off the R&D costs?). However, when you compare it with the competition (Manfrotto, professional kit at professional prices), it's undoubtedly the best deal available for anyone who just wants to get into panoramic photography for the pleasure of it, but wants to get it right. - Bob G. Ely
Landon M. USA
What I like: Sturdy construction should last a long time, Rotator works really well and allows for click-stop rotation points from 3.5 degrees up to 120 degrees for lots of lens/field of view/coverage options. Not too heavy so will likely take it to most locations. - Landon M. USA
Richard P. Storrington
I bought the Ninja 3 Mk11 as a replacement for a Manfrotto 303, which was too heavy to carry for long distances. I am delighted with the Ninja 3 - it has all the functionality and accuracy that I require, it weighs very little and can be easily stowed in any camera bag. With the addition of an optional T bar it can be used with compacts etc that do not have a mounting screw on the lens optical centre. Highly recommended. - Richard P. Storrington
Sam R. USA - Panoguide Forum
i've dragged several different nodal ninjas all around the world for a few years now, they are incredibly durable and i have never had any sort of prob w any of my NN gear with which i have shot hundreds of panos with over the last 5 years or so, and i am not always the most gentle person w my gear... [deleted] was an ok head in its day when there were few other options, but these days it is a boat anchor, unnecessarily heavy and bulky, overpriced and outdated, and w nothing like the (best in industry) support provided by bill & the other folks at nodal ninja. - Sam R. USA - Panoguide Forum
ihariharan - Nodal Ninja Forum
I do have lots of panoramic photographs from CT, Las Vegas, Grand canyon, Texas and virtual tours in and around new england and texas area..... I love this tool. It's the best you could find in the market. - ihariharan - Nodal Ninja Forum
Jeff T. USA
you produce a beautifully fuctional piece of equipment from which I hope to get years of use. Kudos also to your top-notch customer service dept. & it's dedication to rapid response. - Jeff T. USA
Edwin S.
Great Rob, Thank you for the great service. I will recommend nodal ninja to all i know. - Edwin S.
Your the best. That's very kind and very pro, I knew nodal ninja was making great products but they are also great sellers! A big bravo and a huge thanxs! Kind regards, jerome.
WOW! thanks Rob,I have read on the blogs your guys have great customer service, and I can see that is true. Plus you have highly rated product. I had just booked my first job right after I ordered, and the client only has the morning of the 23rd open. Before they where telling me sometime in June. Oh well, maybe I can book another project for June to. - Mike
Hi Rob, Thank you for making this exchange so easy! Thank you for sending me the ring for the Sigma 8mm F3.5 Ex DG Fisheye Lens. Welcome back from vacation! - Dan
Thomas M. Slovakia
I had the pleasure of chatting with Mauro....and I can literally say that he provided to me support of quality beyond my best expectations. Many thanks - Thomas M. Slovakia
Ross B. UK
Hi there. I have just come back to the UK on my R&R and found my delivered Nodal Ninja. I can report that it is of really good quality and I am well happy with it. Money well spent. I have yet to use it but I must first look for a good solid tripod but I am sure it will give me good service. Thanks - Ross B. UK
Bobbie H. USA
Hi Derek, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really appreciate your personally getting involved and getting this order shipped. Your personal touch will help this company grow, for sure. And, if you have a survey that I can fill out about what great service you gave, I am happy to do that. I look forward to dealing with your store much more due to your courtesy and rapid responses and making me feel like you're ONLY customer. - Bobbie H. USA
Joshua R. - Amazon.com
Incredibly generous seller, allowed me to return the lens when it didn't suit my needs, even though he was not obligated to. Highly recommended - Joshua R. - Amazon.com
Rob C. Amazon.com
Very Prompt shipping. Very Happy with product. - Rob C. Amazon.com
Tony L. - Amazon.com
Excellent product. Fast shipping - Tony L. - Amazon.com
Tyler K. - Amazon.com
NodalNinja was extremely helpful with my order. He went out of his way to make sure I received the product on time. The product was in MINT condition as advertised and he also provided helpful and intelligent responses to my product questions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. - Tyler K. - Amazon.com
Oliver B. - Amazon.com
Seller very generously reversed all charges when I canceled an item during transit; very courteous and professional communication. - Oliver B. - Amazon.com
Roman M. Facebook
Thanks for supporting us... and enjoy your Ninjas ;) - Roman M. Facebook
Nathan - Amazon.com
Mauro, Thank you again for everything that you and the team at Nodal Ninja did to get the product to me as you had promised. It made all the difference for me and what I was working towards in Italy...in fact, since this project, I don't know how I've lived without a Nodal Ninja in my photo arsenal before. - Nathan - Amazon.com
James Cowlin Photographs
Hi Bill, We got home from a successful 32 day road trip on US 89 last week. I really liked working with the Nodal Ninja 5. I could set it up quickly and it was very precise. I just did a post on our blog with a few of my shots and of a link to your site. - Jim - James Cowlin Photographs
Alex B. USA
Dear Bill, Thank you very much for adjusting the order.....It's nice to know that you read the comments carefully. Regards, - Alex B. USA
5 out of 5: "Very Prompt shipping. Very Happy with product." Rated by Buyer: lightspeedseven
Joshua W.
5 out of 5: "Incredibly generous seller, allowed me to return the lens when it didn't suit my needs, even though he was not obligated to. Highly recommended" - Rated by Buyer: Joshua W.
Tyler K.
5 out of 5: "NodalNinja was extremely helpful with my order. He went out of his way to make sure I received the product on time. The product was in MINT condition as advertised and he also provided helpful and intelligent responses to my product questions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again." - Rated by Buyer: Tyler K.
Marc K. Germany
Hello: The NN 3 is a fantastic tool to work with ... we fix this VR head on our motoriezed MK PanoMachine v. 3.0 => so it´s possible to make a full 360° panorama in only 3 seconds !!! The bracket is very light - that´s what I like very much… - Marc K. Germany
Steve L. Facebook
Nodal Ninja just arrived; it is great! Thanks Bill for a great product! - Steve L. Facebook
Leif N. Denmark
Mauro is one of the reasons people will return to Nodal Ninja. I have experienced one of the best customer service managers I have met during 40 years in business. Service minded, polite, intimately familiar with your products and their practical use, and very goal oriented. Mauro is one of the reasons why I continue to use Nodal Ninja - and plan to upgrade my line of Fanotec products during the next few months. With regards, Leif N. Denmark
Sam R. NY NY
hey bill - wow, thanks so much, RD16 is great, i was actually gonna borrow a friends for this shoot, ive got about 4 friends in NY who have picked up NN's lately, or are just about to, everyone is interested in shooting panos all of a sudden. You could give classes (ahem, [name deleted], cough) on marketing and social networking yourself, nick makes a great product, and the far ranging and proactive support you have provided is what puts NN in a class by yourselves, and is unparalleled with about any other product i can think of, too bad you dont have a brother working for nikon not that they would listen to him anyway… - Sam R. NY NY
Roger P. Flickr Member
Hi Bill, ....your system seems so much better. I like the easy set-up of the Ultimate system vs the Nodal 5. Thanks! - Roger P. Flickr Member
mr vr Panoguide forum
I was tempted by a [deleted] head a few months back, although the high prices and the serious lack of support put me right off....Nodal ninja is, by far, the best company to go to for equipment. - mr vr Panoguide forum
Trausti - Panoguide forum
.....This once again proves that you DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ... when Nodal Ninja is involved. You get so much more than anyone could ever demand, request or even hope for. The level of customer care is beyond anything known to human kind, combined with the exceptional quality of build for very fair pricing, you will get much more than what you actually pay for. You never seize to amaze us Bill! Respectfully, Trausti - Panoguide forum
Sebastian - Panoguide forum
Need to second Trausti's comments. Very happy customer on NN products, and their support, all the way to Asia Pacific - Malaysia. regards Sebastian - Panoguide forum
Robert S
Among the Best Solutions Product: Kolor Autopano Giga 3.5 (S1110) Posted By: Robert S - This product did an excellent job with a difficult 61 frame by 7 bracketed images indoor spherical panorama that had mostly dimly lit artwork but two large stained glass windows. The product matched up the 427 images flawlessly in a reasonable amount of time. Using 12GB of memory and 8 Xeon cores, it still takes over an hour but this is faster than competing products. No product that I have tested seems to handle the severe contrast of the bright and colorful stained glass juxtaposed to dimly lit features. I receive compliments on the work from non - professionals, but I may need to generate manual masks in Photoshop to get that last 2% of performance I am seeking. Overall, an excellent product, one I hope the developers continue to improve.
Posted By: Dariusz - This is one of those products that saves you time and makes your life easier. It is well built. I highly recommended it.
Peter O. Ireland
Hi Bill, Just said I'd let you know that last Sunday I was awarded the Irish Professional Photographers Association Photographer of the Year for 2010. This is something I could not have achieved without the use of your fantastic Nodal Ninja panorama head. THANKS - Peter O. Ireland
Jeff N - USA
Nodal Ninja Team, Thank you very much for taking care of me in such a timely manner. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of the NN products. It was more money than I was hoping to spend (even though I do recognize that it's not all THAT expensive), but I suffer no buyer's remorse. I feel like I've gotten more than my money's worth. On top of that, and as I've already said, I'm thrilled with the customer service. I feel like you've gone above and beyond and I thank you. - Jeff N - USA
James D. - California Department of Transportation
Bill, Thanks for sending them so promptly. Sorry again for all the confusion surrounding this procurement, and we appreciate your patience and business. Sincerely, James D. - California Department of Transportation
vibes35, Nodal Ninja Forum
Simply amazing! :) Just received my Nodal Ninja 5 w/ R16 Rotator and Easy Leveller II. Very easy setup... just took moments... Thanks Rob for all your help. - vibes35, Nodal Ninja Forum
patella - Nodal Ninja forum
It's not so much about getting it as it is you guys going the extra mile to try to make it right for me. It may be that it won't work at all (I hope that's not the case), but I'm not going to hold that against you. I think the "wings of support" are excellent and will keep me coming back. I also appreciate the return/exchange policy. You haven't developed a product and just rested, you keep developing new stuff. (I'm especially excited to pick up that little Nadir Jig you have coming soon.) End of gushing... starting to sound too much like a fan boy and not just a fan. - patella - Nodal Ninja forum
Keith C. USA
Hi Bill, I received my Nodal Ninja 3 MKII with RD3L 6-8-10 rotator/EZ-Leveler-II today and was very impressed with the craftsmanship and precision of your product. Now is the best of time. - Keith C. USA
Harald H. Germany
Hallo Team Nodalninja, Your Adapter have arrived me. Thank you so much. Your System is verry better as al the adapter in Germany. With best regards Mit sonnigen Grüكen - Harald H. Germany
Larry H. San Jose California
This is what I have been waiting for..... Now it is a breeze to make 360. I love the rotator that came with it. Thanks!! - Larry H. San Jose California
sergio d. Brazil
Hi,Bill..... The ninja 5 L It's awesome!!!! I have a [DELETED] head and a ninja head it It's miles advanced. regardes, A new costumer. - sergio d. Brazil
Hi Bill, I would like to send a note thanking you and the team at Nodal Ninja for the support and quality of products that you guys have been hard working on. It is during a recent conversation with my customers that made them truly understand that quality products alone is not enough and they are very very happy with the support that they have gotten from us. There was a few calls from 2 particular customers here in Singapore that stood out. I would like to convey their message to you should they not have emailed you directly yet...
Frank D. California
Rob, I'd like to thank you again for your quick response time and excellent customer service!!....You have left me with a very positive, confident feeling about Nodal Ninja. - Frank D. California
Shanti, Mexico (Nodal Ninja forum)
I am SOO impressed with this rotator it just got in the mail I have not had a chance to test it on the field but WOW its so beautifully build I can only say... WOW Thanks for such a wonderful product! - Shanti, Mexico (Nodal Ninja forum)
charliez, USA (Nodal Ninja forum)
I will like to also add my thanks to Mauro and Rob (in shipping) on my recent purchase. Excellent support from both... thanks again. - charliez, USA (Nodal Ninja forum)
Uri C, BC Canada
Hi Bill, Thank you so much. I'm perfectly happy with the unit. The quality of your customer care is much appreciated! - Uri C, BC Canada
Erick R.
Bill, Thanks for all the great help. I did order two NN180's to use with our current P5100 & FC-E8 set up. Out of the box these NN180's are sharp and solid, so I'm impressed. Thanks again, - Erick R.
Gary S. Maine USA
I just wanted to say thanks! for shipping your product out to me so quickly! Maine is a helluva long way from AZ; I ordered from you on Sat./Sun (don't remember) and I received my panohead today! (3 days). How timely, as I want to shoot a bunch of panos of our beautiful Maine coast this weekend; and you didn't let me down! Thanks guys! - Gary S. Maine USA
Carlos Z. Mexico
Hi Rob, Thanks a million for all our help... and for the upgrade...I have read about your excellent customer service and with Mauro and you, I have now experienced it. You guys are first class... thanks again and keep the good work...I am sure that in a few months I will go for the Ninja 5 which is what I really want! Saludos, - Carlos Z. Mexico
mikexm, NN forum
Great, this is why I love Nodal Ninja! Thanks Bill - mikexm, NN forum
Piotr M USA
Bill, I thank you for your prompt response and accept your apologies. The way you responded to my dissatisfaction made me think that you indeed care a great deal about your customers and that I was just unlucky. With the regained confidence in Nodal Ninja I ordered R-D16 today. - Piotr M USA
Steve B. Ohio, USA
Bill Bailey, This was really helpful! I did my first test shot and had the pano made in 15 minutes! This is a great product! Thanks! - Steve B. Ohio, USA
Larry L. USA
Very impressed with your trade-in program; refund was processed within 2 days - Larry L. USA
Bigwade, Panoguide forum
Same here… - Bigwade, Panoguide forum
Freddy, Panoguide froum
Fanotec/Nodalninja are the greatest when it comes to service. Nick and Bill are great guys and really listen to costumers Products are almost flawless and when there is something wrong they prompty help you. I really love you guys! (well in a matter of speaking that is. Regards, - Freddy, Panoguide froum
Tim E., Panoguide forum
I'll add my endorsement as well! It is great to see a company that believes in customer service. Thanks. - Tim E., Panoguide forum
fatchai, Panoguide froum
yes i totally agree with all the positive feedback about nodal ninja. - fatchai, Panoguide froum
Trausti, Panoguide forum
BECAUSE of the very positive comments about NN and having seen the HUMAN approach towards the customers, I have no reason to even consider buying a manual head from anywhere else. When those who buy a product are treated well EVEN when there may be some problems in the transaction or production or shipping dates expire etc, it shows that it's a company worth doing business with. I will be placing an order in the coming days, knowing that the service will be exceptionally good and friendly. Everywhere I have come across comments relating to NN, these have been positive. Both in private discussions and on public forums. There are "some people/businesses" who could absolutely benefit from studying and adapting the customer-care NN so blatantly has on public display. Will I find out when buying NN, that I get more than what I pay for, in contrast to other companies that claim their customers only get what they pay for? Time will tell. But it sure is good to see so many positive and happy customers leaving their comments. - Trausti, Panoguide forum
Gorana J. MD USA
thank you again. your customer service is simply the best! - Gorana J. MD USA
Tim E. USA
Rob: Once again, NN sets itself apart with superb customer service... Thanks, - Tim E. USA
Michael B. Canada
Hello Rob We are back now from out trip in Canada. Thank you for your courtesy. As we left the Vancouver Island, we picked up the parcel at the hotel on our way to the Rocky Mountains. I really need to congratulate you for that high - quality tool! It makes really fun to work with that head! I didn't expected that he is so solid. Thank you! Best regards, Michael B. Canada
Hugh A. UK
Hello Bill,..... I just wanted to say that last week I purchased a Nodal Ninja 3 from Red Door in the UK and I think it is a beutifully engineered piece of equipment. I would send this message to Nick Fan, but his address is not listed. I have been using another make of Panoramic Head, but there is no comparison with the Nodal Ninja. Great product! Best regards, - Hugh A. UK
Greg U. USA
Hello Bill, just wanted to say thank you very much; I've recieved my Nodal Ninja!! You guys are a great, I'll recommend anyone here on the island that if they're wanting to get into 360 panoramics I'll put a good word for you guys over there. Thanks again, you guys rock! - Greg U. USA
Stan R. Alabama USA
Bill, The Nodal Ninja is working out extremely well (Fantastic)! Turned this average photographer into a pro.Thanks for all your help, - Stan R. Alabama USA
Markus O. USA
Hey Rob Nodal Ninja arrived today, and I really like it, afraid my old NN will unemployed soon.Thanks again for the great prize, I promise I will put it to very good use :) I will put it to very good use this summer greetings - Markus O. USA
Suzanne J. Montana USA
Mauro:I have to admit this is the BEST customer service web site. I'll work on what you said and let you know. Thanks. - Suzanne J. Montana USA
Jake B, NN Forum
Hi Heinz,....Thanks in advance for the info, the world is a better place with people like you around! - Jake B, NN Forum
Paul G. USA
I will highly recommend you guys to my photographer friends.. Many businesses would have just shipped it with no questions.. Your company took the time to ask.. This is an exceptional company in my book that I am glad to deal with! - Paul G. USA
Thank you, Bill.FYI only, we used to use others, but eventually "standardizing" to your system because of: 1. The bottom footprint is very small 2. Light weight to carry for photographers (important for us) 3. Good price 4. Sturdy (haven't failed yet on the road) Definitely best we’ve found so far, so thanks. - Mok O. MA USA
Rob v.d.V Cayman Islands
Hello Bill and Rob, Received today after a break on the Cayman Islands my order. Thanks a lot. So far, I unpacked it and installed it quickly. Really, I’m overwhelmed. I love tech stuff and to look at 3 different devices build together, wow. So I’m going to try it out soon and will let you know my experiences. Again thanks a lot. Greetings, - Rob v.d.V Cayman Islands
Michael v. R. Denmark
Hi Mauro and Bill. It works beautifully and seems solid -Very nice! Thanks a lot for your support! Kind regards - Michael v. R. Denmark
Toby B Australia
Hi Mauro, Firstly let me say that I am OVER THE MOON with how quickly I received My Nodal Ninja 3 MkII. I actually received my item this morning after only placing my order last Thursday; and considering it is the Easter Break kudos must go to you guys for exceptional service and speedy delivery. I must also commend Fanotec for the build quality of this product, rarely do you see products these days that are as advertised, I can’t wait to start using my Ninja - Toby B Australia
Paul K. USA
It was worth the wai... Thanks for the information....I did catch a nice article in one of the UK photo magazines that you contributed to. It was one that I pick up at our local Borders stores from time to time. I was flipping through it at the store and saw that it had an article on Panoramas, so I purchased it. When I got home and I started to read the article. Your name just popped out. You were so helpful when I made the purchase. So thanks again! - Paul K. USA
Mark F. USA
Mauro, Thank you for taking the time to go above and beyond in helping me with my issues. As expected it was an easy fix and I feel stupid for even asking. Cheers - Mark F. USA
Dave S. USA
Hi Bill,Thanks for the quick reply. I think you'd have to be sleeping with your computer to have replied much quicker. Anything within 24 hours is pretty quick these days. NN customer support is still the benchmark IMHO. Best regards, - Dave S. USA
Yannis Italy
Hi Mauro, how are you? The shipment arrived perfectly already 2 days ago. I just came back from an assignment and got it in my hands. I have just downloader the manual and started reading some FAQS. For the time being everything went perfect. Thank you very much. Excellent job and A+ communication. Regards, - Yannis Italy
Gary W. USA (Nikon D200, Sigma 14mm lens)
Just would like to share what your product is helping create. Thanks for a wonderfully well made and easy to use peice of a equipment. - Gary W. USA (Nikon D200, Sigma 14mm lens)
Aaron K. USA
Bill, Thanks again for the call and for taking care of this. I appreciate the great customer service. I will definitely recommend the ninja to my friends. Thanks Again, - Aaron K. USA
Riefa I. Indonesia
....and btw...your (either you or Nick) way of handling customers complaint/inquery at some forums really appeals to me....somehow it convinced me that should i be your customer...i don't have to worry should i have some issue on the products....:) well....hope to hear from you again...:) Have a good day..:) Cheers, - Riefa I. Indonesia
Edwin J. USA
Thank you Bill. The service you have provided me has been outstanding. - Edwin J. USA
Peter O. Ireland
...received the Nodal Ninja today. First impressions...Good; Really light, Really compact, Very very well made and did I mention really really really light.Well done, the Nodal Ninja looks and performs far better than expected and well worth the price. kind regards 2nd followup: Have been using the Nodal ninja for over a month now. It cas completely replaced my manfrotto 303sph + leveling base. It produces consistantly excellent results with the minimum of effort. WELL DONE.. .regards - Peter O. Ireland
Edwin J. USA
Thank you Bill. The service you have provided me has been outstanding. - Edwin J. USA
Fern T. UK
Hi I have been a nodal ninja user for close to two years now and absolutely love it. I have been using a Nodal Ninja for 2 years now and i absolutely swear by it. My tutor allowed me to borrow his many years ago and I instantly fell in love with it. I still can't get over how cheap and easy to use it is. Also the customer service it brilliant being in the UK i actually purchased mine through red door VR but before i did i got in contact with this site asking them questions about the Ninja and I always received a swift response that was more than sufficient for answering all my questions. - Fern T. UK
Richard C. UK
To Mr Bill Bailey,Have read your fine article on panoramas in the British magazine "Digital Photographer" (issue 76) and your answer to a reader's letter (issue 78), I would like to purchase a Nodal Ninja for use with a Nikon D300 camera and to take advantage of your kind offer. - Richard C. UK
Johannes, Italy
Mauro, I recieved the package just a minute ago. I understand why you were "Voted #1 in customer support for 2008". Where can I vote for "best customer support 2009"? Thank you! - Johannes, Italy
Peter W. New Zealand (Nikon 10.5mm)
Under 4 days to get to New Zealand? Unbelievable, considering USPS says 1-2 weeks. It's a beautifully made product, and indistinguishable from new, even though second-hand. Thank you so much. - Peter W. New Zealand (Nikon 10.5mm)
eBay User
Dear nodalninja, I just want to know that I was deeply impressed with your service. I have been researching this technology for many years and when I got into digital I start searching the net. You answered my questions on my own forums! Very impressed. I am excited to see the head. Thanks! - eBay User
Walter C. USA
Hi Rob, I wanted to let you know that I have received the order. I also noticed that you have included the quick-release plate for free. Please extend my gratitude to everyone at your company for this generous offering. It was a sincere pleasure doing business with you. - Walter C. USA
Christian T. Germany
I am already a very satisfied customer, having bought quite a lot from you in the past. Great stuff! - Christian T. Germany
Tony R. USA
Rob, thanks for the quick fix on my order. I appreciate the express ship even though it wasn't necessary.Cheers - Tony R. USA
Ernie R. USA
Hey Guys, Things are working well with my new gear and not sorry at all I went you over [deleted]. I saved a few bucks as well. Thanks - Ernie R. USA
Charles G. Ireland
Nick, your commitment to quality and precision are worth recognition. I have the Nodal Ninja model #5 with one of your new rotatos, the R-D12. I love the fuild movement of rotation and the precision is spot on. This is a beautiful pice of gear. Regards, - Charles G. Ireland
Robert B. UK - Nodal Ninja Forum
Dear Nodal Ninja, I just thought that I would drop a quick message here to let you know of the great service I received from one of your resellers, Red Door VR. Last year I purchased a Nodal Ninja 5 Lite from them with the idea of upgrading it when the upgrade was released. When you announced your upgrade program here I contacted them asking what I would need to do. They promptly informed me that as soon as they had received the stock from yourselves they would announce their own upgrade program. Just before Christmas I was informed of the process, signed up and at the beginning of January they told me which bits to send where. I dispatched my parcel to them and the next working day, when they received it, they were good enough to drop me an email to let me know that it made it to them safely. After the upgrade they again emailed me giving me a tracking number if needed. It wasn't as it turned up safely the next day. After my experiences with Red Door VR, I would be more than happy to recommend them to others. - Robert B. UK - Nodal Ninja Forum
Tim W. UK
Bill, 'After reading Panoguide forums and several reviews of your products, your prompt attention and kindness are exactly what I expected from your company. Please accept my sincere thanks. Keep up the great work!' - Tim W. UK
Christian T. USA
Hello Bill, Wow,thank you! What can I say? I am running out of words. This is really "the extra mile" - and longer. I do not take it for granted. - Christian T. USA
Jon A. USA
Rob, Thanks again so much for your incredible personalized service. - Jon A. USA
Tim E. USA
Bill: The RD 8 Is a very nice piece of work. No slop and no worries about tensioning the knob. Just level and shoot! - Tim E. USA
Dave S. USA
Thanks Bill. I knew you'd come through for me.I must say that it's very refreshing to find any company that really takes pride in their customer service. It really makes you guys stand out from the crowd. Having been a Technical Sales Rep. for many years in the Dental industry, this is one of my pet peeves. It's a lot easier to lose a customer than it is to gain one. Best, - Dave S. USA
Satinder R. India
Dear Mr Bill, Thanks for your quick reply.Your company is small as you say, but your product is fantastic and also is robust, and in terms of quality and price it beats every big daddy's out there, so I just love NN. - Satinder R. India
Doc B. USA
Hi Bill – Thanks for the speedy reply. I had heard you actually give a damn about your customers - I am glad to have experienced this first hand. - Doc B. USA
Fred B. USA
Hi Bill, Just received my Nodal Ninja. This is one beautiful piece of work! After reading all the glowing comments on the various Pano sites, all I can say is most are understated. - Fred B. USA
R. W. (Sunny Florida)
AMAZON.COM - 5 out of 5 stars AWESOME - By R. W. (Sunny Florida) Best price for a Pano QTVR head you will find. Great customer service. I just upgraded to the NN5 (it supports SLR cameras with a battery grip. GREAT PRODUCTS!!!
Lincoln G.
AMAZON.COM 5 out of 5 stars Best affordable panoramac head on the market. - By Lincoln G. "infinity_plus_one" (herenow) I am a professional virtual tour photographer. I have shot over 1,300 virtual tours. I have tried numerous panoramic heads, including [deleted], [deleted] and custom fabricated models. The Nodal Ninja performs better than the [deleted] and nearly identical to the $900 [deleted]. However, the Nodal Ninja is about 1/4 the size and weight, and breaks down small enough to fit into your pocket. I highly recommend the Nodal Ninja 3. For the price you can't find a better panoramic tripod head. No quality heads are lighter or more compact. You can't go wrong with this product.
Jonathan Z. California
Hi Bill, I already received a note from your shipping team. Thanks so much! You guys really deserve the praise on the internet for your service! - Jonathan Z. California
Dan D. California USA
I am very impressed with the construction and tight tolerances with the unit and ease of setting up. I know that my money has been well spent and this unit will give me many years of service. Thank you - Dan D. California USA
Ryan M. Japan
Rob Van Gils....Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and with such enthusiasm. Very refreshing....Director of Shipping, and Customer Support Trainee of the month I say! - Ryan M. Japan
discocandy - Nodal Ninja Forum
This tool is so handy to use!! Just love it!! - discocandy - Nodal Ninja Forum
Joe H. - Antarctica
hi Bill, I bought my nodal ninja from you last november and took it to Antarctica the next month. It worked out great and I know have some very large, very high definition prints of the spectacular landscapes there. thanks for this great product! - Joe H. - Antarctica
Bill, You're a model of customer service! A class act. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Thanks - Ed G. USA
Macro - Nodal Ninja Forum
Yes, support from the NN team is outstanding in every way. If there a question or problem, they make it right - FAST! - Macro - Nodal Ninja Forum
Paul H. - USA
Bill, Thanks for the great support of your product!... All the best, - Paul H. - USA
John C. - USA
I want to thank you for your quick super service. It was way more than I ever expected but with a great product you guys are full of surprises!.... Thanks again for the great service and such a great product. - John C. - USA
Gilles D. - USA
It arrived yesterday! Again, thank you for all your help..... I can't wait to get it out in the field! I'm stoked! - Appreciatively, Gilles D. - USA
Brad F. - USA
Rob, I can't say enough about how spectacular your customer service is. I wish I worked for your company. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your tremendous responsiveness. I look forward to sending you guys some samples of the work I create with my NN. Thank you! - Brad F. - USA
Will Chang - USA
Thank you Bill, I've heard a lot about you and your excellent customer service via online forums and word of mouth. You simply dealt with my problem quickly and without and issues, thank you so much, I can now go back to my daily routine without having to worry about this problem.... Thanks again. Sincerely - Will Chang - USA
Rome H. Maine - USA
I am very impressed with the quality of your products and great customer service!!.... Thanks for all your help. - Rome H. Maine - USA
Phil. - TheJuice - Nodal Ninja Forum
I bought my Nodal Ninja about three years ago. I have the first model, which have always been working great up to this day. I now own a 40D and it still does the job ! I am not a pro, but I like to be able to make the best possible panoramic photos, and in order to do that I really needed a device such as the nodal ninja… Inexpensive compared to others, and very easy to use. It is invaluable and I couldn't have made my panoramas without it. The new models are more expensive but as I've read, they offer a great deal of improvements. So that'd be great if I could win one of these top of the art goodies :-D Keep up the good work, Phil. - TheJuice - Nodal Ninja Forum
haroldro - Montreal Canada - Nodal Ninja Forum
Thank you very much for a great product and an informative forum. I attended Jook Leung's first-ever 360 Degree Panoramic Workshop at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine in April. We all tried out various pano brackets and most ended up using the Nodal Ninja. It works (extremely well). Thanks for your incredible "support", Bill. - haroldro - Montreal Canada - Nodal Ninja Forum
Tarick F. USA
Again, you went the extra mile when you really didn't have to. I really appreciate it. - Tarick F. USA
Diver George - Nodal Ninja Forum
I just spent two days working with friend who has been shooting VR professionally for years. It appears as if Nodal Ninja is the WAY TO GO! Just waiting for the IRS check to arrive and stimulate us out of this depression. Ninja is a great solution to real problem for anyone serious about VR. - Diver George - Nodal Ninja Forum
Vince K. USA
Your Staff have been wonderful to deal with, which means more to me than a low price item or a purchaseable item without support. Thank you! - Vince K. USA
Maz H. New York USA
Hi Bill, We love your bracket so much that we are getting a second set for our new Photographer. It is a great system and we are looking forward to seeing the new improved version! Thanks, - Maz H. New York USA
Murray W. New York USA
Thanks a lot that is much appreciated. We are looking at expanding our Virtual Tour team so later on in the month we will be ordering more. Thanks again for the great service Regards - Murray W. New York USA
rebecca - Nodal Ninja Forum
The new one arrived last week and it works perfectly! Thanks so much for the EXCELLENT customer service!! I am so impressed. - rebecca - Nodal Ninja Forum
Fischer V. France (Canon 350D w/ 10 - 22mm)
I'd like to thank you for your products, good ones but affordable ones ! Rare in the photographic world, especially panoramic one (and apologize for my poor english, too) - Fischer V. France (Canon 350D w/ 10 - 22mm)
Jerry W. Japan
How some companies stay in business is beyond me. [deleted] is not customer oreinated so Im took my business to you guys. I have heard of your support which I havent needed because your ninja is perfect for me. Regards - Jerry W. Japan
chuxter - Nodal Ninja Forum
This is why I love these guys. Where else in the world can you get customer service like this? - chuxter - Nodal Ninja Forum
Harold Montreal Canada
Thanks, Bill. Your package just arrived in Montreal. Everything looks great. Your gesture is very much appreciated. Your NN products are great---simple design and very well-made. Once I can figure out which model I need, and when they're available, I'll be ordering a pair of the newly-announced NN rotators. If it happens this summer, I'll be dealing through you, for shipment to my Maine summer place. Thanks again. All the best, - Harold Montreal Canada
Prunus - Nodal Ninja Forum
I recently became interested in doing panoramic photography. I asked 3 people for advice and all of them told me to get a Nodal Ninja! thank you for making my decision making easy. - Prunus - Nodal Ninja Forum
Al M. Washingon USA
Wow! That was fast and you and your company are AWESOME!!!!!.....However, seeing how you quickly take care of your customers here and in customer service and support through all the forums I've visited and seen you assisting other as well, I'm very confident in my decision to go with your product. I look forward to a very long relationship with you and Nodal Ninja, Thank you, - Al M. Washingon USA
Benedict K. USA
I want to thank you for a quality product. Keep going! - Benedict K. USA
Luis Nodal Ninja Forum
Hi, Nick, Bill and everyone who visit this forum, this is another success of the NN staff and a new place online to share with new nodal ninja users and panographers. This is what was missing the creat the perfect balance between a great product, an excellent service and an enthusiastic and increasing community of pano-makers. With the hope to share useful and interesting experiences, I send a greeting to all. - Luis Nodal Ninja Forum
Marcel V. Netherlands
Thanks a lot Mauro, your level of service is unprecedented. Kind regards, - Marcel V. Netherlands
Richard C. New Caladonia
I use my Nodal Ninja all the time in my professional resort photography and especially when out in the field. I thought about the new Nodal Ninja 5 for my Canon 5D but decided to stay with the smaller lighter version. Maybe I'll get the bigger one later. - Richard C. New Caladonia
C. Chia Maylasia
Dear Nodal ninja, thanks for creating & re-design such a good gear. - C. Chia Maylasia
Gary O. USA
I received the shipment today and have tested the leveler and camera plate. Love them both. I appreciate your continued commitment to developing for the VR community. - Gary O. USA
Jim C. Atlanta, GA
I really appreciate Nodal Ninja's commitment to its customers. It's a pleasure doing business with you! Cheers, - Jim C. Atlanta, GA
Gary D. USA
Hi Bill, Thanks so much for your help today! I've read on the web that you guys have GREAT support, and they weren't kidding!I should be good to go now! - Gary D. USA
Chuck A. Texas USA (Nikon D200 w/10.5mm lens)
Excellent product! Why I spent a thousand dollars on a (deleted) I'll never know. Sure it's a quality head but certainly does not justify the cost for my purposes. This is testament to the fact that you need to shop around before you buy. In my case I only had to ask once. I'll sell my (deleted) and take the money saved (or lost) to buy a lens. Thank you Nodal Ninja - you rock! - Chuck A. Texas USA (Nikon D200 w/10.5mm lens)
Phil, Australia
Its a great product, your efforts are much appreciated and are benefiting many people. regards - Phil, Australia
Tony H. Australia
Thank you for your exceptionally prompt service - the package arrived on 29 Feb in perfect condition. Regards - Tony H. Australia
Bill P. USA
Hi, I wanted to thank you for getting this out so quickly. (and for making such a cool product!) It got here in plenty of time for me to tinker before the shoot and it really was the perfect tool. I have even had a chance to do some creative work of my own too... - Bill P. USA
Mark K. NSW Australia
Fantastic customer service from across the work, im so impressed, i've already recommended you to other photog's here in sydney. Cheers - Mark K. NSW Australia
Clive W. Italy (D300 + D70s Sigma 10 - 20)
I purchased from my local shop in Alba Piemonte Italy. I was going to buy from the Uk but wanted to support my local shop so I asked him to source it for me. I guess he contacted your Italian guy. Great product Nick, very easy to use especially with all the lens settings on your site. Regards - Clive W. Italy (D300 + D70s Sigma 10 - 20)
David H. USA (Canon 400D 10-22, 24-105, 70 - 200 IS)
Hi Bill, The more I use this Chevy, the more I like it. This is really a nice piece of craftsmanship. Everything fits well, clamps down tight, and it's very easy to use. Swapping out the detent plates is even less fuss than I anticipated. Thanks! - David H. USA (Canon 400D 10-22, 24-105, 70 - 200 IS)
Paul L. USA (Canon 5d and 15mmFE)
Hi Bill, I want to thank you for your wonderful product. I'm a professional photographer and I use your head when I travel. I have other products that I use for my professional work. One product that I have was very expensive. $1045 is what it cost me plus shipping. I won't mention its flaws or name manufacturers but one day I decided to use your head with my Canon 15fe lens. I've since purchased other panorama heads because I need to do template stitching on most of my assignments. However I keep your head in my camera bag whenever I go out. Its the best backup a professional can have. Its also the best head to travel with. I also want to thank you for your superb customer service. I've dealt with many companies in the past. Your service tops them all. Great job and keep producing great products for the VR community. - Paul L. USA (Canon 5d and 15mmFE)
Julian K. Austria
I got your head some weeks ago and spend much time with it. Its a really good head and in my opignon the best compromise between strudity and weight....Congratulations to your head!!!! - Julian K. Austria
Hamish T. Wyoming (Nikon D80, Sigma 8mm f3.5)
Bill, You certainly do live up to your reputation. Thanks for that most valuable link...just when I thought I had some free time... I am aware of Panoguide forum and have used it - information overload usually. FYI - I am now selling my (deleted) head there - too heavy and more than I need. Best regards, - Hamish T. Wyoming (Nikon D80, Sigma 8mm f3.5)
Norbert S. Germany (Nikon D2X)
Hi Bill, i've got it today. GREAT STUFF ;o) Thank you one more time - for your service, for the goodies and the very friendly communication. Now i will try it - and, sooner or later, you will find my firts - nodal-nija-panorama on my homepage. So, I think we will have contact in the near future because of further business. Kind regards - Norbert S. Germany (Nikon D2X)
Toby H. New Zealand (Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18 - 200VR)
Thanks heaps, just received my nodal ninja 5, what an awesome product!! It is long enough for my camera/lens combination, but small enough to fit in my camera bag. Thanks as well for the case that I didn't know I was getting. It was worth the wait. - Toby H. New Zealand (Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18 - 200VR)
Jorge S. USA
This is a great item, it does what it has to do perfectly well. I had a technical question and the answer came back within hours! Great product, great service. - Jorge S. USA
Thomas W. Thailand (Nikone D200 w/ Sigma 15mm)
Just like to let you know that I've just got back into Bangkok after being in Laos for about 1 month. The Nodal Ninja you sent me is very convenient, small lightweight, and strong. I had no problems what so ever with it. Thank you very much. - Thomas W. Thailand (Nikone D200 w/ Sigma 15mm)
Ryan M. Japan
I really love the product! I makes pano's a pleasure to shoot! - Ryan M. Japan
Michel N. France
Thank you very much for answering so fast and for your kind rebate....I really appreciate your efficient and friendly customer service, don't change anything ! Vive Nodal Ninja ! Best regards, - Michel N. France
John R. USA (Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye)
Hi Bill, I've been using the Nodal Ninja now for almost 4 months and it's everything you said it was! Very easy to use and quick to set-up. My real estate virtual tours look great and I actually sold a property site-unseen...they only saw my virtual tour! Great product at a great price!! Just had to drop you a line to say thanks! All the best, - John R. USA (Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye)
Micheal K. (dpreview forum)
Hi I purchased a Nodal Ninja recently and I wanted to post my results. The first thing you notice when you open the box is how well made it is. It is solid aluminum and there is no bend in it at all. It comes in two pieces with all of the accessories you might ever need for it (extra pads, extra plates, hex driver, etc) I was able to put it together and mount it on my Manfrotto 925b and mount my Pentax K10D on it in about 2 minutes without ever looking at the manual. I then took a quick glance to see about determining entrance points, and was taking pictures on my porch within 5 minutes. Very simple to use and very solid feeling..... I know there are other ones out there for a lot more money, but I can honestly say I can't imagine what might be better about them. The Ninja is built to last forever, and the customer support cannot be beat. Highly recommended. - Micheal K. (dpreview forum)
Graham L. United Kingdom
Bill, Wow.... I wasn't expecting that.... Thank you very much for the gesture, I sincerely appreciate it. I've been looking over forums etc for a while, researching panoramic heads, and I realised that you had a class outfit, but I have to say I really am taken aback, not to mention thoroughly impressed, by just how much you genuinely want your customers to be happy with their Nodal Ninja experience. Bravo! You have just relegated B&H and 17th Street Photo to positions 2 and 3 on my mental list of photography good guys! Once again, many thanks, - Graham L. United Kingdom
Karl H. UK
The Nodal Ninja arrived safely and I have been very impressed by its construction and neat way it can been put together and then packed away back into such a small pouch. This makes it very handy and a prefect accessory to always carry in a camera bag. Regards, - Karl H. UK
Patrick from the Netherlands (Canon EOS 350D with 18/55mm Kit lens)
The Nodal Ninja has scored very very well. They only telled positive things about it. The NodalNinja is very well and strong build. Even in stormy weather it stayed stable on the stand. Keep on the good quality. Greetings and kind regards, - Patrick from the Netherlands (Canon EOS 350D with 18/55mm Kit lens)
Dave S. Canada (Nikon D70 Tamron 14mm 2.8)
I am really enjoying its compactness and light weight...Thanks - Dave S. Canada (Nikon D70 Tamron 14mm 2.8)
Mike H. USA
Just so you'll know. I found your product on the "FromParis.com" website. It's a great pan head and I want to thank you for your prompt service. I actually received it faster than expected… - Mike H. USA
Daniel G. Canada
I want to reiterate that I really like your pano-head. It is the only one I am willing to travel with (the (deleted) was a pain, and the (deleted) is a monster). I totally agree that your panohead is an engineering compromise (every head is a compromise). But well used and a properly calibrated lens, I can make panos as good as with any other head. - Daniel G. Canada
Andy H. UK
Bill, Thanks a lot for the info, that worked a treat. As a normal (deleted) user I am very impressed by the way with the Nodal Ninja.. All the best, - Andy H. UK
Chris. L UK
Thanks so much Bill. If you want to quote any of my repeated expressions of gratitude on your website please do so, you have helped beyond the call. Very best wishes, Chris. L UK
Megan D. Mawson Station Antarctica
It was a quiet night on Mawson Station. Many people stayed up until the early hours of the morning watching a very spectacular aurora display over the station. Max temp:-4.0Min temp:-13.2 Max wind gust: SSE 57knots. This is a beautiful place for photography. I use a Nikon D200 with Nikon 17-55mm and 10.5mm lenses, this being mounted on my Nodal Ninja atop a Manfrotto Tripod 3001BN with the Manfrotto 3265 Vertcial Hand Grip. Because of NN's all metal construction it performs quite well in under such extreme conditions. Also being easy to setup and take down (one knob) makes it a valuable addition to my gear. A great product! Best Regards from the bottom of the world. - Megan D. Mawson Station Antarctica
Shane R. Ireland (D200 Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye)
I've dealt with many MANY companies and have operated a couple myself. The product you represent is everything you say and more. The support is the best I have experienced from any company and worthy of recognition. I look forward to future products - rest assured you have a loyal customer. - Shane R. Ireland (D200 Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye)
Dennis A., 360rage.com
360rage.com - Dennis A. said on December 23, 2006: Rating 10 and reviewed: This is perfect example of value for dollar spent. After my camera fell off a lesser expensive model I need something a bit more reliable. Nodal Ninja fit the bill perfectly. I do Real Estate Virtual Tours and use the head exclusively. Its lightweight, easy to setup and use and very dependable. I highly recommend this head. DA
We love the ninja! It works sooooo much better for us. I'm glad we found you guys! - Al W. USA
Ewen C. New Zealand (Sony Alpha A-100, SAL1118 11 - 18mm)
Hi Bill, just took delivery of my new Nodal Ninja 3 a few moments ago. Excellent service just 4 days to me on the other side of the globe!! The build quality is fantastic!! The photo's on your website do NOT reflect the level of detail and construction quality of the actual product. Can't wait to get out and have a play. Cheers, - Ewen C. New Zealand (Sony Alpha A-100, SAL1118 11 - 18mm)
John S. USA
Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the super fast shipping and the quality of the nodal ninja 3 is even better than I expected. Great product! Thanks again, - John S. USA
Jackie D. Australia (Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30)
Hi, I received the Nodal Ninja yesterday and I'm very happy with it! I've been getting great results with panoramic shots that Warm regards from a very happy Australian customer. - Jackie D. Australia (Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30)
Sergio Z. Spain
Bill, I just want to tell you that your Nodal Ninja 3 Panoramic head is WONDERFUL works great and is very well made and very light. - Sergio Z. Spain
Duncan M. UK (Canon 5D + 15mm)
Many thanks for NN - very cool, easy to transport, and well thought-out kit! - Duncan M. UK (Canon 5D + 15mm)
John F. USA (Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye)
Hi Bill, I've been using the Nodal Ninja now for almost 4 months and it's everything you said it was! Very easy to use and quick to set-up. My real estate virtual tours look great and I actually sold a property site-unseen...they only saw my virtual tour! Great product at a great price!! Just had to drop you a line to say thanks! All the best, - John F. USA (Canon EOS 30D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye)
Richard G. UK
Bill, thank you for your prompt attention. May I congratulate you on your great customer service. Thanks again, - Richard G. UK
Gary K. Australia (D70s and 10 - 20 lens)
Hi Bill, Never in my dealings on the internet, have I had personal replies and service like yours, congratulations and thank you. Almost like talking to an old friend.....Hope to hear from ya soon Regards - Gary K. Australia (D70s and 10 - 20 lens)
David M. Texas
I bought the Nodal Ninja 3 about a month ago to replace a (deleted) and could not be happier! It is an excellent value - superb design, construction, finish, and precision in use. Thank you and Nick for such a great product that is obviously a labor of love. Thank you again, - David M. Texas
Josh K. USA
Just got the product and the first test done for the Nodal Ninja... incredible product so far. It's much smaller than I thought... highly portable and incredibly accurate....Thanks so much again! - Josh K. USA
Stephen N. USA
Dear Bill, many thanks for your message and service! I've been giving the Nodal Ninja 3 a good workout and it's performing very nicely!...Again, many thanks for your kind help and fantastic service. - Stephen N. USA
Harold R. Montreal Canada (Canon Rebel XT/Sigma 8 mm 3.5)
I received the Nodal Ninja 3 last week. It works great, very easy to adjust the controls, even in our freezing temperatures. It's a very well-designed piece of equipment. Thank you - Harold R. Montreal Canada (Canon Rebel XT/Sigma 8 mm 3.5)
Shelly O. Washington DC (D70 with 10.5mm lens)
Appreciate your assistance in helping me. I'm new to this and the added support you provide is very valuable to newbie's like me. Thanks again - Shelly O. Washington DC (D70 with 10.5mm lens)
Hello Bill, here are some words from a satisfied customer. I am the house photographer for a large restored very ornate 1920's era movie house. I have been making large panoramas of the interior, for years with great difficulty. Upon getting the Nodal Ninja, I immediately started a new panorama project for the theater. The ease of use is outstanding. I wish I had this wonderful tool years ago. Also thank you Bill for the wonderful communications, I highly recommend your product and of course, you personally. - Lou B USA
David F. USA
Order has been delivered. Fantastic Tool!!!!!!! Tested it, flawless quick stitch!!! - David F. USA
Vincent M. France (Canon EOS 400D, Rebel XTi & 17 - 40L)
Very nice piece of equipment, I am delighted with the results. Thanks also for the postal upgrade, I got the package in four days. Best regards, Vincent M. France (Canon EOS 400D, Rebel XTi & 17 - 40L)
Riki B. New York
My work has steadily improved and I have been asked to provide work for the liberty State Park complex including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Eland and so forth. It's not a big payer mind you but the commission should be a good platform for some press releases to my commercial direction. I just wanted to say that I could not have done it without your help, support and of course the Nodal Ninja tool. - Riki B. New York
Jerry T. Las Vegas Nevada ( D80 with 10.5mm lens)
Anybody want to buy my (deleted)? Wish I found your Nodal Ninja before I bought the (deleted). Nodal Ninja is more accurate, stable, smaller, and MUCH cheaper than (deleted). Thank you Nick for developing an excellent product. - Jerry T. Las Vegas Nevada ( D80 with 10.5mm lens)
Chuck B. New Hampshire
On a scale of one to 10 I give nodal Ninja a 9. I would like to see it work with my Canon Mark II. It does work perfectly with my 5D using the 8mm 3.5. Regards - Chuck B. New Hampshire
Pepsi S. Germany
T H A N K S A L O T for your patience with me, an my order. Your email makes my feel very happy - Pepsi S. Germany
Tiki M. Hawaii USA
OKAY for $200 and in seeing what else it out there it's a no brainer. Your 30 day refund option allowed me to see for myself. I'm impressed and keeping it! - Tiki M. Hawaii USA
Branden. R. Ireland
Perfect! - Branden. R. Ireland
Mike H. Flagstaff Arizona (Nikon D70s with 17 - 55mm)
Nick, you have a designed a product that suits my needs perfectly! I travel allot and always on the go, being single is tough :-). I don't do panoramas for a living but probably take more panoramas that many pros. It's a fun and a very exciting aspect of photography. The fact I can hike out into the desert or climb some hills and easily tuck this is bag is what sold me. The build quality, detents, and handy little case (snug fit) only adds it it's lure. Bill is tops! Give him a raise, opps, maybe not or you would have to raise the price :-). All kidding aside I hope you add this testimonial to your page as your panorama head is an excellent value for it's price. - Mike H. Flagstaff Arizona (Nikon D70s with 17 - 55mm)
Josh K. USA
Hi Bill, Just got the product photography and the first test done for the Nodal Ninja... incredible product so far. It's much smaller than I thought... highly portable and incredibly accurate. Thanks so much again! - Josh K. USA
Jan B. Sweden
Hello Bill, This was quick...got the missing knob today...now I will learn how to use the equipment. I will get back to you when I know more. This is exciting! Thanks for all your trouble. - Jan B. Sweden
Paul K. Iceland
Works with a 5D+ shaved Tokina10-17/Sig 15/Nik 10,5 and more, even without mirror up. What can I say more ........ Have Fun - Paul K. Iceland
Martin N. London, Ontario Canada (Nikon D200 10.5mm Nikkor)
Nice job with the tutorials, the author has done you well. - Martin N. London, Ontario Canada (Nikon D200 10.5mm Nikkor)
rklingman Discussion Forums @ Nikonians
“First Panorama with Nodal Ninja 3” I have to give two thumbs up to Nodal Ninja 3 at this time. I got the full kit which included the T-Adapter so I could do landscape panoramas in addition to a full spherical. It seemed like I figured out the Entrance Pupil for my Tamron 17-50 so I went out to San Diego Bay to try it out. What a piece of cake! I set my D70 to Aperture mode and set my focus to Manual after setting the Hyper focal distance. All I needed to do at that point was push the shutter, rotate 30 degrees and repeat. I didn't need to look through the viewfinder or anything else. It took about 15 seconds to shoot and I was done. - rklingman Discussion Forums @ Nikonians
Alan H. Canada
Your prompt replies and gracious handling of my request are outstanding examples of above average customer service. I look forward to using your products and thanks for making the purchase experience truly outstanding. Best wishes, - Alan H. Canada
Realviz Forum.
I just got NodalNinja this week...works for Olympus E300...I have to say ... NodalNinja ROCKS~!!!....... - Realviz Forum.
Ester D. Netherlands (Panasonic FX 01 )
I received the Nodal Ninja in time so I took the NN with me on vacation. (the perfect opportunity to try out the NN) It works great! Really worth the wait!! I'm still a beginner in photography, so I have to practice a lot, but the NN is really a must have! Especially for 360° photos. - Ester D. Netherlands (Panasonic FX 01 )
Bron Discussion Forums @ Nikonians
“Review of the Nodal Ninja" Early thoughts on the Nodal Ninja I've recently acquired. The slings and arrows of life have kept me too busy to do anything with my Nodal Ninja until now; I've finally "calibrated" one of my lenses. Well thought out, well engineered, and very well made, and reasonably priced. Designed to be used with the camera vertical....Based on the pictures done while finding the "nodal" point of my 18-70mm at 18mm, (78mm set back on the Nodal Ninja) I think it will do just fine. - Bron Discussion Forums @ Nikonians
Bjrn N. Norway
Hi, I received the extra T-Adapter a couple of days ago, and it works great with both the Raynox and the Olympus WCON-07C :) - Bjrn N. Norway
Sim R. Britain (Canon 300D and peleng)
Really happy with my Nodal Ninja 3 - thank you. - Sim R. Britain (Canon 300D and peleng)
Simon N. UK (Canon 20D and a borrowed Sigma 12 - 24m)
Thanks again Bill. Your service is as excellent as before. Kind regards - Simon N. UK (Canon 20D and a borrowed Sigma 12 - 24m)
Kimmo T. Finland (Nikon D80 with Nikon 10.5mm)
I got my Ninja today and it seems quite sturdy and handy for travelling used to carry (deleted) Best - Kimmo T. Finland (Nikon D80 with Nikon 10.5mm)
Michael K. USA
Thanks Bill! Your response has really been above and beyond. You can be sure NN will get my recommendation whenever the opportunity arises. - Michael K. USA
Patrick B. Tasmania, Australia
I received my Nodal Ninja 3 yesterday and although I have only shot one panoramic with it so far it looks as if it is a fantastic product. Thank you so much with your support. - Patrick B. Tasmania, Australia
Josh S. Petaluma, CA. USA
By the way, I love the Nodal Ninja, I've been able to take some great Equirectangular panoramas with it already. And pass on my thanks to everyone else involved with the Nodal Ninja 3. Such a great product at such a fair price with really good instructions and help online as well. Thanks! - Josh S. Petaluma, CA. USA
Masten G. England (Nikon D50 and Sigma 8mm)
Hi Bill, That's brilliant. Much appreciate it. I've just put the NN together and I think it's brilliant. I had a (deleted) before which cost about $450 over here and it was crap. Absolutely terrible workmanship and so many design flaws. So happy new year and keep up the good work - Masten G. England (Nikon D50 and Sigma 8mm)
Dylan S. Brisbane, Australia (Canon 400D, 17 - 85mm IS USM)
Bill, Thank you for sending the 15/18 detent disc.... I have been doing cylindrical panos for 5+ years so I really like how I can now do the full sphere without the 5+ need for a super wide angle or fisheye lens. Your product is certainly the best I have seen and used for size, weight and price. Most appreciated, - Dylan S. Brisbane, Australia (Canon 400D, 17 - 85mm IS USM)
Jon W. England Canon EOS 350D w/ kit lens)
My wife got me the Nodal Ninja for Christmas and I'm delighted with it. Many thanks and I love the Ninja ! - Jon W. England Canon EOS 350D w/ kit lens)
Howard W. USA
I really like some of the gallery links you guys have on your site. Especially the shots by Carel Struycken. That is my goal. Anyway, thanks Bill for your time and efforts. - Howard W. USA
Brandon C. Ireland (Nikon D80 with Sigma 8mm)
Thanks to Rosauro's tutorial, it gave me some ideas I hadn't thought of....it was very well done and must have taken time to produce. It helps to have stuff like this out there for us newbies.. - Brandon C. Ireland (Nikon D80 with Sigma 8mm)
Mic W. Berlin Germany
Please add this to your testimonial site....your product is superior, I haven't had to use your support but have heard it's superior as well. I use Nodal Ninja on almost a daily basis for work and play. I had to take a recent flight and the guy at the security gate asked me to explain what it was. Guess when they saw it folded up that I might be concealing something dangerous. Product and support are the two main ingredients to success and of course price. It's good to know I have a company behind me if something breaks or goes wrong. - Mic W. Berlin Germany
John. T. NYC New York (Canon EOS 20d with 10.5mm Nikkor with adapter)
What's planned for the future? Nodal Ninja is well designed. Looking forward to seeing what's next. - John. T. NYC New York (Canon EOS 20d with 10.5mm Nikkor with adapter)
Joan S. Austin Texas
The tutorial “How to Make a Panorama” is very well done. Rosauro Ona does a well written tutorial with lots of photos. Credit well deserved. - Joan S. Austin Texas
S.S. Fairbanks Alaska
I broke my Nodal Ninja oh no! Bill was super quick and more than fair in offering replacement part. You didn't leave me hanging. Thank you - S.S. Fairbanks Alaska
Dana F. Austria
OKAY, you have rave reviews but let's see if you post this one. I'm not happy with with your Nodal Ninja, why? Because it doesn't fit medium format cameras. The design and build quality are undeniably but it just doesn't support the big guns. I'm not going to return it though as I may step down to a DSLR one day. So with that said I do believe that once I step into the world of DSLR I feel this will be a welcomed addition to my gear. Regards - Dana F. Austria
Randy M. Miami Florida (Canon Rebel)
I just bought a used Nodal Ninja on eBay. I was disappointed to hear you don't offer a warranty but with the model being over 2 years old I understand. This Nodal Ninja was sent through the grinder but it all still works perfectly. I do single row pano's and had to send you an e-mail telling you and your readers (assuming you want to post this on your website) that the product is smartly designed. I'm a bit of cheap guy and would buy used before buying new but may after a few months consider the new model for it's click stop feature. Good luck and keep on keeping on. - Randy M. Miami Florida (Canon Rebel)
Darly H. Chico, CA (Nikon D50 18mm Kit Lens)
Bill, the link you put on your site lead to my first job!! Now the pressure is on to produce some primo work. I got the hardware down but need to learn the software end. I appreciate your recommendations and assistance, you go above and beyond. - Darly H. Chico, CA (Nikon D50 18mm Kit Lens)
Mark W. South Africa (Canon 20D w/ Sigma 8mm)
I have to give you my two cents worth. Nodal Ninja model 3 has been and continue to perform well. It fits into my camera bag nicely and the setup is quick and painless. Thanks guys! - Mark W. South Africa (Canon 20D w/ Sigma 8mm)
Robert B. Sedona AZ
Hey - the tutorial posted on your website is a nice addition. I realize it's geared towards specific cameras and software but gives me an idea of what to expect if I want to do full panoramas. - Robert B. Sedona AZ
Georg. R. Maine (Nikon D70s/10.5mm)
Got it! Had a bit of wobble and you were quick to address my concerns. I did as you suggested (in the FAQ page) and works perfectly now. We're planning a trip to Europe soon and this will be great because it fits in my pack nicely. Wishing you the best of success in the New Year. Many Thanks! - Georg. R. Maine (Nikon D70s/10.5mm)
Denis C. Italy
Just arrived!! It'Fantastic...strong light and functional...i haven't words!! Awesome!! Thanks a lot!! - Denis C. Italy
Peter O. Ireland (EOS 5D + 15mm Fisheye)
Have been using the Nodal Ninja for over a month now. It cas completely replaced my (deleted) + leveling base. It produces consistently excellent results with the minimum of effort. WELL DONE...regards - Peter O. Ireland (EOS 5D + 15mm Fisheye)
Alphons N. Netherlands (Canon 5D, 30D 16-35L 24 - 105L)
I'm impressed. Great tool. Well build and will last a lifetime. - Alphons N. Netherlands (Canon 5D, 30D 16-35L 24 - 105L)
Perry J. USA
Just want to say how very impressed I am with the improvements. Now I can set up and level the head in record time. The results are consistent. I no longer need the extra level. Stays dead on throughout the entire rotation. No more guesswork, adjusting and readjusting. Perhaps these differences are subtle to some, but they are major to me. Great workl!!! You took a nice product to perfection. My hat's off to you. I would be interested in new products you might come out with down the road. - Perry J. USA
Anthony S. UK
Got it today, thank you for a speedy and friendly service. Looking forward now to using the kit. Regards, - Anthony S. UK
Xavier A. USA (Nikon D200 w/ 10.5mm Nikkor)
Hello, just received my Nodal Ninja and I have to say WOW! I'm very happy with your product. - Xavier A. USA (Nikon D200 w/ 10.5mm Nikkor)
Charlie V. USA
Let me say that I am impressed with your service and support and on the various forums I greatly appreciate the respect with which both you and Nick treat your customers as well as your competitors. This makes you a class act in my view and you deserve our business and support! Thanks, Charlie V. USA
Ken A. Auckland, New Zealand
Dear Bill The parcel arrived at school from the States on Friday exactly as promised. I assembled the head without difficulty, made the adjustments for my camera and did a trial shoot on “One Tree Hill” an extinct volcanic cone fortified by Maori around 1,000 years ago. The equipment worked very well, in fact the most easily stitched image I have ever made.....Thank you for a great piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. Thanks also for the prompt delivery. Best wishes - Ken A. Auckland, New Zealand
Thanks Gary D. Selah Washington
Hi Bill, FYI I wanted to let you know I attended a meeting in Seattle that was having a demo on Realviz & (deleted) and afterwards I carried in your Nodal Ninga and Quite a few of the people were impressed and even the presenter from San Francisco was very interested, So you probably will get a few orders from the Seattle Area. Living 150 miles from anywhere in Selah WA, It is a treat to find an actual hands on demo and anybody who even has an Idea of how to go about this process I am working on a business plan for Small start up that centers around all the elements using panoramas and It Was nice to let them know a Real Person Responded to my Inquiry from a supplier. - Thanks Gary D. Selah Washington
Rodriguez R. Spain (Canon 20D 18 - 200 Tamron)
Nick, I love this design. I do a lot of travel so size and weight are important considerations for me. For the money your product fits the bill perfectly. Personally I don't using click stops because I shot at so many different focal length so having a ring with 0 clicks is best for my Tamron 18-200 lens. Thank you. - Rodriguez R. Spain (Canon 20D 18 - 200 Tamron)
Greg T. Fort Worth Texas (Nikon D200 10.5mm Nikkor)
I really appreciate it! I think your product is by far the best on the market when it comes to price/value/usability. I am really glad that your business is going well and I'm grateful that you take care of old customers like me! You can bet that anyone who asks me about panoramic heads is directed your way. I actually get quite a few inquiries about my panoramas and how I made them and Nodal Ninja and PTGUi are the two products I always recommend! Again, thanks so much! - Greg T. Fort Worth Texas (Nikon D200 10.5mm Nikkor)
Vic. Z. Iowa USA
Wasn't sure what all the hubbub was about until I decided to buy and try a Nodal Ninja. Nick has developed an excellent product at a very fair price. I do a lot of Real Estate VR work ad like to get in and out quickly. I'll now be selling my (deleted) - no comparison! Thanks Nick and Bill. - Vic. Z. Iowa USA
Peter O. Ireland
Received the Nodal Ninja today. First impressions...Really light, Really compact,Very very well made and did I mention really really really light. - Peter O. Ireland
John R. UK (Canon EOS 20D with EF 24-105L & EFS 10 - 22)
Nice piece of kit. Elegant design, well manufactured, and reasonable price -- a rare combination. Thanks very much. - John R. UK (Canon EOS 20D with EF 24-105L & EFS 10 - 22)
Robert H. USA
Hi, I've attached a couple of pictures of the 400D and a 10D using a Nikor 10.5 with the T adapter. I was wrong, it does work on the 400D with this lens. Best Regards, - Robert H. USA
Henk, Netherlands
Perfect and fast delivery. Box received in good order (was marked 'extremely urgent' - always good to feel important :-) The rig is of excellent quality....I immediately installed the 15-degrees index ring. 15-30-45-60 is an excellent range and can be read on the degrees scale (easier than 12-24-36-48. The 20mm extender-T is an essential accessory - it delivers both extra height (necessary for 77mm filter diameter lenses like the 17-40L) and extra depth. Without it it wouldn't be possible to use a 20D or 5D with the 17-40. Thanks for the good service and good luck with the business. - Henk, Netherlands
Jason L. USA (Nikon D70S w/ Tokina AF 19 - 35mm)
From what I've seen on the market so far, you have the best product for cost. Simple yet durable, fully functional yet inexpensive... and the portability is the big bonus! Especially for me since I'm a backpacker and usually shoot in VERY remote locations. I don't know why everyone else is asking so much for these convoluted, bulky types of setups... YOU have the RIGHT idea! Realistically, a head like this should not cost more than the camera it's holding. Thank you for selling a product that lets us up and coming "starving artist" types play on a par with all the big shooters. - Jason L. USA (Nikon D70S w/ Tokina AF 19 - 35mm)
Eduardo H. Canada
Hey Bill,I just got it today (09/12)! Man, this head is really cool stuff, congratulations! I'll set it up for my camera tomorrow... I guess that shooting panos will be even more fun now. :) The look and feeling of it are even better than I imagined, very well developed and built and absolutely streamlined. Beautiful! I very much appreciate your support, it's awesome! I'd read some very good comments about it on some forum, panoguide I guess, but now I had the chance to go through it myself and I'm very happy about it. Thanks a lot once more, Eduardo H. Canada 
Gary O Charlotte, NC
Hi, Bill: I shot 6+2 with the Sigma and PTMac/Emblend cleaned it up nicely. For the first time ever, I can shoot a good zenith!! What a huge difference in my work. Not to mention cutting the weight of my rig in half. I also got a carbon fibre tripod made by Amvona (China knockoff of a Gitzo) from eBay. I'm really happy to have a rig that comes in at just a skosh over 4 kg. I've got the 10.5, I guess now is the time to learn to use it...cheers! - Gary O Charlotte, NC
Dennis H. Mexico City, Mexico
The Nodal Ninja arrived this afternoon, Bill. I hooked it up to my Konica Minolta 7d with an 85mm lens and it worked beautifully. Thanks so much for the extra effort in getting it to me. I hope to add to your testimonials page in a couple of weeks. Should anyone from Mexico ask for the Nodal Ninja, you can tell them that the only additional charge was $310 pesos (about US $30) at customs. Thanks again. I am very pleased. - Dennis H. Mexico City, Mexico
Gus R. USA (Nikon D70 - 18 - 70 kit lens)
Hi guys, First of all wanted to say congratulations for this wonderful product, you have demonstrated clearly that a top notch product can be produced and sold a t a reasonable price. Great job!!! - Gus R. USA (Nikon D70 - 18 - 70 kit lens)
Dean F. USA
Bill, ...I really appreciate the personalized service that you provide. I'm always one to support a small business venture. That's particularly true when the product is good and fills a genuine need, like yours.... This feels almost like the corner family hardware store where I grew up. It was all about the service. They might not have everything right now, but they could get it. And, they wouldn't sell it to you if they didn't think it was exactly what you needed. Thanks again, - Dean F. USA
David L. Big Bend Oregon
HI Bill,..This is a damn fine device. I absolutely love it!... thanks again and I'd be more than happy to lend you a satisifed customer quote! - David L. Big Bend Oregon
David L. USA
RE: Nodal Ninja version#3 Excellent value for the money - no doubt the best in the market for this price range. I own Kaidan and sorry I didnt learn of Nodal Ninja before I bought it. All the same features at hundreds less. I say YES to buying Ninja Ninja if you plan on doing any type of panoramas. - David L. USA
martin, PanoGuide.com forum
Mine arrived yesterday - Thanks Nick. The new rotator does seem to be a bit of an improvement on the old one, but I am staying with the 15 degree indent plate as it allows me to go with either a 4 or 6 around without having to change anything. Definitely appears to be lighter with the use of the plastic knobs - but they appear to be very sturdy....All in all I am very happy, this product seems to get better with every release and at the price it is definitely a bargain! Thanks - martin, PanoGuide.com forum
Adam C. USA
Hi Bill, First of all I would just like to thankyou for producing such a great product. I received the Nodal Ninja 3 a couple of weeks ago and I am extremely happly with it. The customer support that you provide is also top notch. It looks like things are kind of crazy with the orders, but this is good no? Regards - Adam C. USA
Thanks Martin S. UK
Mine arrived yesterday - Thanks Nick. The new rotator does seem to be a bit of an improvement on the old one, but I am staying with the 15 degree indent plate as it allows me to go with either a 4 or 6 around without having to change anything. Definately appears to be lighter with the use of the plastic knobs - but they appear to be very sturdy....All in all I am very happy, this product seems to get better with every realease and at the price it is definately a bargain! - Thanks Martin S. UK
Michael F. USA
If your product is anything like your customer service response I would feel privileged to actively spread the word about your company. Thank you. - Michael F. USA
John C. USA
the nodal ninja is a serious bargain. - John C. USA
Robert H. Chicago, Illinois (Canon w/10.5 Nikkor)
Hi Bill, Your service is just too good to be true. It's a real pleasure working with someone that knows customer service forward and backward. First just so you know, it is possible to swing the arm straight up to shoot a zenith with this camera and lens. It takes 8 shots to make a full 360 by 180 in portrait mode - 6 shots around, every 60 degrees and 1 up and down shot....My first shoot today went quite well and the stitching is working very well. It looks quite probable that I'll be extending my eval for quite some time - just a joke there - I'm pretty sure at this point that you've got a new happy customer. - Robert H. Chicago, Illinois (Canon w/10.5 Nikkor)
Tom P. USA
Bill I will take the extra set as a back-up. I travel a lot and might loose some of these little parts...thanks again for the fine machine design. - Tom P. USA
Chuck M. Denver, Colorado (D200 w/ 10.5)
This is pretty nice. I see a lot of thought went into the design. It has a professional look to it as well and I'm not embarrassed to use it in public. Okay I might be a little vain but this isn't like some of those Rube Goldberg tripod heads out there. And thanks for the rebate off Panoweaver. Good Luck Guys! - Chuck M. Denver, Colorado (D200 w/ 10.5)
Luis D. Dallas Texas
Just in and used it straight away. Nodal Ninja 3 is easy to setup and use/ Personally I don't need the case because I keep it in a pocket in my camera bag. Excellent product and i'm keeping it! Sincerely - Luis D. Dallas Texas
Thanks Raymond N. Hudson, NH
Hi, I received my Nodal Ninja today and it looks great - Thanks Raymond N. Hudson, NH
Peter B, Netherlands
I keep on using NN-SPH1a with my Powershot G5 for holiday travels. Thanks...it is great equipment. - Peter B, Netherlands
Benedict K. USA (Canon 350D)
want to thank you for a quality product. Keep going! Sincerely, - Benedict K. USA (Canon 350D)
Chip J. San Diego, CA
The Ninja Nodal works great with the new Olympus E-300 (Evolt)....it is actually very versatile because I can switch the direction of the mounting plates to suit my camera body. - Chip J. San Diego, CA
Charlie B. Vernon, CT
Thanks for the followup Bill. Set up the NN and calibrated it for my Nikon D100 without mishap. A real rarity for me! My very first shots were almost perfect -- just had to reposition the camera on the upper arm to place the nodal point a little closer to that arm's pivot point. After that: 100%! Great product and reasonably priced for the quality! - Charlie B. Vernon, CT
Luke A. Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
Since we have purchased the Ninja, our results have been %110 better than using the tripod and leveling it and using software out there. Not only has the Ninja saved time but, it has also saved stitching errors. Thank you for your support and help. - Luke A. Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
Little Silver, NJ
As I have come to expect, your customer service is above and beyond expectations. And thanks for your honesty above and beyond the call of necessity. My wife and I own an animation art business as our "side business" and try to maintain a similar standard of business ethics/conduct. A pleasure doing business with a gentleman! Thanks Bob - Little Silver, NJ
Evan J. Toronto, Ontario Canada
I'm using a Nikon D70 mounted vertically with a Sigma 8mm lens to shoot HDR panoramas. I'm shooting four positions at 90 degree increments. The Nodal Ninja has been a good solution for me so far. It's economical, lightweight and easy to assemble quickly. Thanks! - Evan J. Toronto, Ontario Canada
John C. Bellevue, Washington
I am using a Sigma SD10 -- without the external power pack/battery holder -- and the head works with that body and my 50mm/2.8 EX Macro lens, as well as the 18-50 and 55-200 kit lenses. The Nodal Ninja is easily capable of supporting this camera and a reasonable lens, and with the offset adapter can be used to hold the camera horizontally or vertically. Multi - row panoramas (why I bought the head) will be no problem.....I think your product rocks! Sincerely, John C. Bellevue, Washington
Tony F. San Leandro, CA
And here is my first panorama with the NInja. My back yard. It worked perfectly. - Tony F. San Leandro, CA
John F. New Albany, OH
Hi Bill, The Nodal Ninja was received Thursday, I think. I made a pano with it Saturday and it was easy to set up and determine the node. I had hand-held my Nikon D70+10.5mm before which makes it tricky to create panos in PTMac, which I am learning to use. It's simple(r) with a pano-head and tripod. HA I like the NN's sturdy construction, ease of use, simplicity, and price. Your service and communications with me were very helpful. I'm going to enjoy using this device. - John F. New Albany, OH
newsgroup posting
I received the Nodal Ninja some week ago and after some week of test I'm very please of this product. The construction of the bracket is very impressive. The graduate rules on the different arm of the bracket are very well engraved. The rotation around the vertical axis are quite smooth. Finally, the bracket is very stable with a Coolpix 5000. I do not try other high grade panoramic head, like the (deleted) or the (deleted). These products are surely well made ... but 499$ for a (deleted) spherical head ... no thanks ! - Ed - newsgroup posting
Mark B. Sarasota Florida
I'm an amateur photographer and just started using digital photo equipment. I bought a Coolpix 8700 and after playing with the panoramic software they include in there package I decided to learn a bit more. Releasing how important this nodal point thing a friend of mine suggested a getting a adapter for my tripod so as to eliminate the parallax errors I was having. Didn't take much to realize the Nodal Ninja was right for me, inexpensive and does the job perfectly. Love the little carrying case too. My next investment might be some panoramic software but in the mean time at least I can create fun panoramic's around the house and yard. - Mark B. Sarasota Florida
Doug H. Tempe Arizona
Don't leave your Nodal Ninja on the dash of your car on a hot sunny day, thing gets HOT! Glad it's made of metal or it would have melted. Nice durable unit, I'm very happy with it. - Doug H. Tempe Arizona
Sherri B. Hollywood California
I bought the Nodal Ninja for my D70, works great for my Real Estate stuff! Many thanks. - Sherri B. Hollywood California
Jim A. Farmington Hills, Michigan
You wanted feedback so here you go: I'm using a Dimage Z20 - I'm happy - and it's works great! Good Luck - Jim A. Farmington Hills, Michigan
Scott D. Homer Alaska
The first thing I have to say: you guys at Nodal Ninja are that you are doing a very good job and representing yourselves on the many many forum posts that I have read recently while researching this whole panoramic head market. I have full confidence that I will be treated fairly and with respect judging upon what I have seen communicated by posts representing Nodal Ninja. Thanks for you quick response, I respect companies with responsive customer service. - Scott D. Homer Alaska
Bob R. Bron Indiana
I just received my Nodal Ninja. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish, as well as the engineering. - Bob R. Bron Indiana
James F. USA
Bill It arrived today. In fact I have it on my tripod and ready to try out. I appreciate all your help and speedy replies. I am most impressed with your level of service. Your unit is much better than my home made device, although mine did work. But the aesthetics count as now I can at least look like I know what I am doing. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and patients. I can say I will be a very happy users. Thank You, James F. USA 
Thomas N. New York
I'm using NN with an Olympus E-500 with a 14-54 lens. (deleted) wasn't up to the task, but NN does just fine. I purchased the standard version (SPH-2S) and have a full range of movement except for straight up. For me, that's not a problem. I removed the set screw that does click stops as I prefer no stops. Once I did this I could rotate the mechanism counter clockwise and the tightening knob didn't loosen! - Thomas N. New York
Dan F. Jackson, MS
Order has been delivered. Fantastic Tool!!!!!!! Tested it, flawless quick stitch!!! - Dan F. Jackson, MS
Bob D Felton, CA
I finally had a chance to test the replacement bracket and it is really great! Seems a bit more solid especially when mounting the camera direct to the bracket. The detent is perfect and has made things so much easier.just count the clicks! - Bob D Felton, CA
Leslie K Glastonbury, CT
Bill, In today's world of phone menus and digital answers it is a great pleasure to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and willing to take the time to make a call. I already have one friend very interested in your product. You said that you were a fairly new company, I wish you the best success but don't forget this personal touch when you get to the top. Happy New Year, - Leslie K Glastonbury, CT
Adolph K. Kansas City, Missouri
Hi Bill, the unit came yesterday and works great! I want to thank you again for your kindness and great services. To bad that there aren't more co.'s and people like you around. I use this for bird watching as a substitute for the Wimberley Sidekick (SK-100). I know your tripod bracket was primarily designed for shooting panoramics but thought others would like to know it works well for us bird watchers as a substitute for Wimberley Sidekick bracket. Great product - Thank you again - Adolph K. Kansas City, Missouri
Brien C. Tennessee
I recently purchased your product for my D50 and I must say I'm impressed with the compact design. - Brien C. Tennessee
Pierre and Faith, Canada
Hi Bill, We have just received the nodal ninja, and so far we love it! I'm shooting a lot of panos it's turning out ok for a first timer, it's very easy to set up and very slick as well. thanks Bill. - Pierre and Faith, Canada
Ryan T. Orinda CA
Bill, Wow! If it doesn't put you out, that would be really great. I see that rumors of your superb customer service are not exaggerated in the least! Thanks, Ryan T. Orinda CA. 
S.K. Calgary, AB, Canada
Hello Bill, MY TESTIMONIAL TO YOU! & Picture of my unit. After countless hours of research, I have definitely done my homework well. The Nodal Ninja is by far the best INVESTMENT I have made for my photography equipment. I have already done several VR shoots with it and DEFINITELY your product is AMAZING! I am one satisfied customer! The quality is absolutely HIGH END MATERIAL. I recommend this product to anyone that is in search of a panorama TRIPOD HEAD! LOOK NO MORE this is it! Thank you for such a great product! - S.K. Calgary, AB, Canada
Dan R. USA
I got the Nodal Ninja in today and tried it out. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks for providing a great product. - Dan R. USA
Mark V. USA
Dear Bill - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so much for the outstanding customer service you demonstrated last week. The CP4500 adapter plate was left out of my SPH2-L order, and I shot you a quick e-mail last week to that effect. I think that you must have read the e-mail within minutes of my sending it, and had the plate in the FedEx overnight shipping within minutes of that - I received it the next day!!!! Unbelievable. In this day and age, it is truly refreshing to encounter a company individual who actually cares about customer service. Thank you!!! You have made a believer out of me. Thanks in advance ..... - Mark V. USA
John C. New York
Hi Bill, Thank you so much. Received everything today [closed on Saturday] and I'm so impressed by your great service! I definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know! - John C. New York

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