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Arca-Swiss Style Clamp 38DS

Arca-Swiss Style Clamp 38DS
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Screw-knob Mini Clamp, 38mm jaws.
Low profile, only 8mm thick (excluding jaws).
Central 1/4"-20 threaded socket for mounting on a lens plate or MFR rail or a sling strap.
Two 1/4"-20 countersunk threaded sockets separated by 18mm for mounting on a Rotator Mini or the Advanced Rotator D10 (two M5x14mm flat head screws) are needed, to be ordered separately).
3 strap bosses for attaching camera neck straps or sling.
Bottom dovetail perpendicular to the upper jaws for mounting in another Arca Style clamp to change dovetail orientation.
2 clamps can be mounted on our 120mm Lens Plate (LP120) to form a compact dual lens ring mount stereo bracket to mimic an Interpupillary distance (IPD) of 55-83mm (2.16"-3.27").

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Arca-Swiss Style Clamp 38DS

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