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Camera Plate Arca-Swiss Style CP-U1

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Camera Plate Arca-Swiss Style CP-U1

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Camera Plate Arca-Swiss Style CP-U1

Recommended price:
  • SKU: F2118
  • Size: 70mm x 46mm x 9mm (max dimensions}
  • Weight: 46.5g



Compatible Cameras: Universal plate for cameras with large flat roughened base that provides good friction, e.g. Nikon cameras. To support a lens less than 1 kg only. Not recommended for Olympus cameras and battery grips with small protruded area which need plate with anti-twisting flange.

MFG Part No: CP-U1

If opting for an Arca-Swiss Style "Plate" and if you are using either NN3, NN4, or NN5 you will need Fanotec's Arca-Swiss Style "Clamp" which mounts to upper rail of Nodal Ninja.

Click here for Arca Swiss Style Quick Release Clamp.

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