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Dual Lens Ring Clamp with Acra Swiss Footplate

Dual Lens Ring Clamp with Acra Swiss Footplate
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Dual Lens Ring Clamp with Acra Swiss Footplate

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  • SKU: F9140

Consisting of a Parallel Dual Clamp and an Upright Foot attachment, together with optional lens rings, This is the most compact and light weight rig for capturing 3D stereoscopic panoramas.
Small screws at the edge allow a plate or rail to be fixed to the Dual Clamp, independent of the main locking knob of the clamp. This allows lens rings to be mounted one by one safely.
Compatible with R1/R10/R20 heads. The Upright Foot features a 3/8" thread at the base with a 1/4" adapter included, allowing the rig be mounted atop a pole or monopod directly.

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