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Google R20 v2 w/ RM4 Pkg

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Google R20 v2 w/ RM4 Pkg

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Google R20 v2 w/ RM4 Pkg: Lens Ring for Canon 8-15mm

  • SKU: F0010-1
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Google R20 v2 w/ RM4 Pkg: Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm for Nikon

  • SKU: F0010-2
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Google R20 v2 w/ RM4 Pkg: Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm F3.5 for Canon

  • SKU: F0010-3

Level: Google Photographers.
Lenses: Fisheye 8-15mm.
Features: Smallest Pano Head, fits in pocket, repeatable results, fits to lens not camera
Uses: 360x180 Spherical Panoramas, Google Street Views, Google Business Views, Real Estate
Cameras: Any - fit based on lens


If you are thinking of becoming a Google Business Photo Photographer, aka Google Trusted Photographer, we have 'the' perfect solution for you. Introducing the Google Ultimate R20 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini V2 Package. This is a single row panoramic head designed for use with circular and full frame fisheye lenses. Built exclusively for the Google Trusted Photographer this head is smaller, lighter, precise and much less expensive than similar heads on the market. Precision so exact, users are capable of repeatable results. Our products are built with the highest quality materials, ensuring you the highest quality imagery. Of the models authorized for use in the Google Business Photos program, only one - the R10, is the recommended. This was NASA's choice as well for shooting VR aboard their upcoming mission to the International Space Station. All products are backed by our industry leading support.

Google Trusted Photographers receive 10% discount

Testimonial from Google's Operations Lead Person
"Thank you for the product update and the impeccable customer service you provide us and our GTP's..... It really shows that Nodal Ninja truly stands behind their product and customer service."

When purchasing the GTP Package you have the option to select the appropriate ring for your camera lens. The ring clamp mounts directly onto the lens itself, freeing up the camera. Different cameras can also be used on the same lens without adjusting any settings. Also included is a free external spirit level. The package comes fully assembled - no tools required for setup. If you are a Google Trusted Photographer be sure to ask your Google Rep for the 10% Google coupon code (only valid for this package, 1 per customer per order). Or just give us a call.


Sigma 8mm F3.5 Canon V2. Stop Plate 201. LRP40 NPP = 0.925
Sigma 8mm F3.5 Nikon V2. Stop Plate 202. LRP45X2 NPP = 1.825
Canon 8-15mm F4 V2. Stop Plate 203. LRP45X2 NPP = 2.5
Sigma 8mm F3.5 Nikon Mount (not V2 Lens Ring) = 1.4.
Sigma 8mm F3.5 Canon Mount (not V2 Lens Ring) = 0.85.
Canon 8-15mm @8mm (not V2 lens Ring) = 1.8.

R20 vs R10 LRP Differences

Features and Highlights:

Arca Swiss Compatible quick release design.
Modular design.
Lens clamp mounted to lens.
Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.
Compact and light weight.
Easy to use.
Small nadir footprint.
Spirit level that allows rotation to the side and back for better viewing.
Rail stop that is integrated into the Lens Ring Plate.
15 day money back guarantee.
Selected by NASA.

Rotator Mini Features:

Compact and light weight, 46mm diameter and 88g (vs. RD4/5 220g).
Smooth rotation with lubricated bearings.
Interchangeable detent ring.
Rotator lock for use on pole.

Notes: images shown may vary slightly from actual product.

Includes: R10 Head, Arca swiss style lens ring clamp, Rotator Mini (RM4), NEW V2 Lens Rings, quick reference guide, attached spirit level, hard case - foam lined and zippered, 3/8-1/4 thread adapter, lens cloth, center column extension, hex key + misc.

Positive attributes over other similar products
Model R20/RM4
1. Weight 358 grams
2. Supporting Lenses 30+
3. Tilt Options (based on selection of head) 4
4. Number of "interchangeable" detent rings 4
5. Lightweight aluminum rotator base yes
6. Inexpensive upgrade path for swapping out select lenses (only $20) yes
7. Lens clamp attaches without need for hex key yes
8. Graduated scale marking for use with different lenses yes
9. Arca Swiss style quick release system yes
10. Wide plastic "lens protector" yes
11. Rotator lock screw to allow for use on poles yes
12. Modular design yes
13. Ability to swap out tilt option yes
14. Ability to swap out clamp option yes
15. Ability to swap out vertical rail yes
16. Ability to swap out lens clamp rail yes
17. Free 3/8" - 1/4" thread adapter yes
18. Free Zippered hard shell protective carry case yes
19. Free Center Column Extension yes
20. Free Lens Plate Stop (pre-installed) yes
21. Free Lens Cleaning Cloth yes
22. Free built in Compass (update: no longer required by Google or included in package) NA
23. Free domestic shipping yes
24. Lens mount can be used with other pano heads or 3rd party equipment yes
25. Upgrade available to new V2 ring yes
26. Can be purchased from other resellers yes
27. Google Trusted Photographer Discount yes
28. Knob tightened to lessen risk of accidental release yes
29. Participating Dealer discounts in other countries yes
30. Modified version selected by NASA for shooting VR inside the International Space Station yes
31. Tools NOT required for initial setup yes
32. Direct phone support available for all products and general inquires (see hours below) yes
33. Google's 'recommened' pick yes
34. Price US$278.95
after discount
You save over $100 against other suggested heads

This package is designed exclusively for the Google Trusted Photographer, however anyone may purchase this package. Limit to 1 purchase per GTP (excluding dealers)

Because this is a "discounted" specialty item
we can only offer "15 day" return policy if not 100% satisfied.

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Download Documents

All User Guides and Manuals

QRG - GTP with R10 (Google Trusted Photographers): pdf
NEW - QRG V2 Lens Ring for Canon 8-15mm: pdf
NEW - QRG V2 Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm Canon Mount: pdf
NEW - QRG V2 Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm Nikon Mount: pdf
QRG - GTP R10 Package for Sigma 8mm f/3.5 for Canon: pdf
QRG - GTP R10 Package for Sigma 8mm f/3.5 for Nikon: pdf
QRG - GTP R10 Package for Canon EF 8-15mm: pdf

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