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M2 w/RD8-II Rotator


M2 w/RD8-II Rotator

Modular design Easy upgrade Support long telephoto lens up to 3kg (6.6 lb) Full bearing loaded rotators
for smooth and steady rotation
Ideal for
making mosaics
High precision, accuracy,
durability and long lifetime
Weight 3.75lbs

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M2 w/RD8-II Rotator:

Recommended price:
  • SKU: F8001
  • Weight: 3.75lbs


Level: Semi pro - Pro.
Lenses: 8-400+mm.
Features: Arca Style Modular Design, Strongest, Repeatable Results, Upgrade paths
Uses: Landscape, Super High Resolution, Gigapixels, Commercial, HDR

Nodal Ninja Ultimate Modular System is a pano head based on Arca Swiss compatible system, the industry standard for high-end panoramic photographic support. The M2 is a design with many years of refinement, integrating years of feature wishes from customers. It fills the gap of Nodal Ninja product line for photographers making high-resolution panos or mosaics with super telephoto lenses. Furthermore, this tripod head can act as a gimbal arm for smooth rotation of heavy telephoto lenses at its center of gravity.

Features and Highlights:



Notes: EZ-Leveler-II and advanced rotator RD3L not recommended for M2 when heavy tele lens is used.
The customer can buy our dedicated camera plates or use "any" Arca-Swiss compatible camera plate.

Total weight of M2 w/RD8-II = 3.75lbs

Note: EZ-Leveler-II and advanced rotator RD3L not recommended for M2 when heavy tele lens is used.


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