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Motorized MECHA Programmable Rotator E1 + Controller C1

Motorized MECHA Programmable Rotator E1 + Controller C1
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Lightweight MECHA E1+C1: 492g (17.35 oz) Weight load 3.3lbs (1.5kg) High capacity batteries 7.2v, 3350mAh, 12Wh WiFi remote
AUX port

Motorized MECHA Programmable Rotator E1 + Controller C1

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  • SKU: F9905
  • Weight: 492g (17.35 oz)

Select 1 Free Shutter Release Cable for MECHA Single Axis

This listing is for the MECHA Rotator E1 + Single Axis Controller C1.

The motorized rotator head will support up to 4.4bs (2kg), including panohead. For use with NN3 MKII, NN3 MK3, R1, R10, R20, RS1, (heads sold separately). MECHA is lightweight, quiet and power efficient. Together with the Single Axis Controller C1 (F9910), it automates the panning axis of Nodal Ninja R1/10/20 series as well as the Nodal Ninja 3 MKII and MK3 and the RS1. The MECHA E1 is NOT recommended for larger Nodal Ninjas (NN6 and M Series) at this time (stronger MECHA Rotators to accommodate greater weights are in development). Together with a "dual axis" controller (also in development), two E1 rotators can be added to motorize Nodal Ninja MK3 pan and tilt axes for multi-row application.

MECHA Single Axis Controller Features:

  • Supports one MECHA rotator.
  • Compact controller with built in battery and charger.
  • NCR18650GA high capacity batteries, 7.2v, 3350mAh, 12Wh.
  • WiFi remote control from smartphones, tablets, PCs by using simple web page interface.
  • Supports linking and controlling multiple controllers via WiFi , connection via a WiFi access point, over the air firmware upgrade and remote control over the internet.
  • 3 buttons to run presets stored in the memory, which can be configured via the web page interface.
  • 5 LED's to indicate the remaining battery capacity.
  • CAM port with opto-isolated trigger for focus and shutter release.
  • Multipurpose AUX port (to be implemented with future firmware upgrade) for shutter confirmation, Radio Frequency Start/Stop remote trigger, wired Start/Stop trigger or IR remote emitter etc.
Later versions will follow allowing for larger cameras shooting at longer focal lengths. For product suggestions/concerns and support please visit our forum.

Total weight of MECHA Rotator E1 + Single Axis Controller C1 approx. 17.35 oz (492g).

Supports up to 4.4bs (2kg) vertical loading, including panohead, and 1.0Nm turning torque (center of gravity is 8cm from pivot). DSLR's with battery grips may exceed recommended weight load.

14 day money back guarantee.
1 year factory warranty.

Any camera supporting a wired remote shutter release cable is compatible with MECHA.

Use the camera filter to choose the right cable for your camera.

One shutter cable is supplied at no extra cost with each purchase of a MECHA.

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