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NEW Dual Axis MECHA w/NN3 MK2

NEW Dual Axis MECHA w/NN3 MK2
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Low cost "dual-axis"
pan tilt head solution
  Supports a camera/lens
up to 1.25kg (2.75 lb)
  Ideal for mirrorless, compact
and lighter DSLR cameras
  Shoot 360° panoramas,
even high-resolution gigapixel images

NEW Dual Axis MECHA w/NN3 MK2

NEW Dual Axis MECHA w/NN3 MK2

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  • SKU: F9906-1


A direct replacement is F9920 and can be ordered here.

  • 2ea Mecha E1 Rotators.
  • 2ea Mecha C1 Controllers.
  • NN4 lower Rail.
  • NN3 MK2 Upper Rail.
  • NN3 MK2 Vertical Rail.
  • 1.2m Long Shutter Release Cable for Dual-Axis Mecha.
  • Case.
  • Misc.


Dual-Axis MECHA Panoramic Tripod Head is HERE

Finally a compact and affordable "dual-axis" pan tilt head solution. We use parts from NN3 MK2, together with 2 MECHA E1 Rotators and 2 C1 Controllers which are wirelessly linked together.
Use as a single-axis horizontal rotator single row shooting of for turntable object VR. Or use as a dual-axis rotator for both horizontal and vertical movements. The MECHA E1 and C1 being modular in design will be compatible with future Mecha rotators and controllers paving the way for future low-cost upgrade paths.

This setup supports a camera/lens up to 1.25kg (2.75 lb) and NPP up to 110mm from the pivot point making it ideal for mirror-less, compact and lighter DSLR cameras. Shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images.

Limited availability!

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