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Panoramic Hardware » NN3 MK3 Series

NN3 MK3 with Nadir Adapter and Lower Rotator Mini Pkg

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NN3 MK3 with Nadir Adapter and Lower Rotator Mini Pkg


This NN3 MK3 with Nadir Adapter and Lower Rotator Mini Pkg comes with RM4 (90° 4 stops) installed. Additional detent ring(60° 6 stops) is icluded as spare.

Note: Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G is not compatibility with the NN3 MK3 or NN6 - only the M Series.

Introducing the NEW CNC Arca-swiss NN3 MK3 with built-in Nadir Adapter.

The Nadir Adapter allows for 180° vertical rail rotation to allow for the camera to shot straight down helping to eliminate the footprint (nadir).

The NN3 has evolved over its 12 year culmination of production from the NN1 in 2005 to the NN3 MK3 in 2017.
The latest generation "MK3" is created using state of the art computer-controlled cutting (CNC) machines resulting is greater precision, uniformity and cross compatibility. Small sleek and sexy. The NN3 MK3 is lightweight and compact. Arca-Swiss compatible and like the MKII suitable for compact cameras, Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras, and even smaller DSLR's with lens up to 50mm. Very similar in design function to it's big brother the NN6.

NN3 MK3 utilizes Rotator Mini or Rotator D10 as the lower rotator, which are used in other Nodal Ninja panoramic heads. It also shares many parts and accessories with NN6, making the whole system much more versatile and cost effective when shifting or upgrading to other models. Like NN6, the MK3 is compatible with the automated rotators (MECHA), capable of transforming into a 2-axis fully automatic pan/ tilt head with diverse functions.

Special surface treatment in upper rotator to increase the friction for much larger loading than NN3 MKII.

Maximum load: 3.3lb (1.5kg) with Rotator Mini and 7.7lb (3.5kg) with Rotator D10.

For additional rings - click here.

Available detent ring options:

  • RM3 - 120° stops
  • RM4 - 90° stops
  • RM5 - 72° stops
  • RM6 - 60° stops
  • RM8 - 45° stops
  • RM10 - 36° stops
  • RM12 - 30° stops
  • RM14 - 25.7° stops
  • RM20 - 18° stops
  • RM24 - 15° stops
  • RM30 - 12° stops
  • RM36 - 10° stops

Note: The Nadir Adapter is NOT a standalone accessory in NN3 MK3 or NN6 - this is an integrated part. It replaces vertical rail base plate and knob in the Starter Package. It is not an add-on.

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NN3 MK3 with Nadir Adapter and Lower Rotator Mini Pkg

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