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NN3 MK3 NO Lower Rotator

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NN3 MK3 NO Lower Rotator

The NN3 pano head has evolved over its 12 year culmination of production from the NN1 in 2005 to the NN3 MK3 in 2017.
The NN3 MK3 is created using state of the art computer-controlled cutting (CNC) machines resulting is greater precision, uniformity and cross compatibility. The NN3 MK3 is small, lightweight and compact. Arca-Swiss compatible and like the MKII suitable for compact cameras, Micro Four Thirds mirror-less camera, and even smaller DSLR's with lens up to 50mm.
Available with Nadir Adapter.

It is recommended dealers only purchase:

F3305 - NN3 MK3 No Rotator
F3307 - NN3 MK3 with Nadir Adapter No Rotator
F1140 - Advanced Rotator RD10
F1235 - Rotator Mini V2 (we would recommend 15 degree ring)
F1221V - Rotator Mini Detent Rings (advice 90°, 60°, 45°)

This allows dealers to build different packages based on consumer needs.

Note: The Nadir Adapter is NOT a standalone accessory in NN3 MK3 or NN6 - this is an integrated part. It replaces vertical rail base plate and knob in the Starter Package. It is not an add-on. Customers cannot upgrade from NN3 MK3 to NN3 MK3 w/NA as with earlier versions.

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NN3 MK3 NO Lower Rotator

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  • SKU: F3305

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