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Nodal Ninja 4 Starter Package

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Nodal Ninja 4 Starter Package

Ideal for full HDR spherical panoramas
super high resolution mutli-row gigapixel imagery
Robust, greater precision and build quality for lenses up to 7.7lbs (3.5kg) For DSLR's with or without
battery grips




Level: Amateur - Pro.
Lenses: 8-100mm.
Cameras: DSLR's, Medium Format.
Features: Comfortable Size - Strong - Upper Rotator 15 degree positive stops.
Uses: Landscape, High Resolution, HDR.

The Nodal Ninja 4 is a workhorse fitting nearly all cameras. The NN4 is more robust featuring greater precision and build quality. It features an upper rotator with precise 15-degree positive stops, a design borrowed from the advanced Ultimate M1 series. Currently, the NN4 allows only 15-degree incremental locks, which are typical of normal workflows. The upper rotator, however, can be configured with an initial offset of +/- 5, 7.5, or 10 degree from the horizon, making it perfect for single row spherical panoramas with various fisheye lenses. This pano head is capable of supporting DSLR's (with or without battery grips) and lenses up to 7.7lbs (3.5kg). NN4 is designed to accommodate a wide range of lenses from ultra wide to 100mm focal lengths (35mm equivalent focal length assuming 25% overlap). Ideal for anything from 360x180 full HDR spherical panoramas to super high-resolution multi-row gigapixel imagery.

Package includes:

  • Attractive dual zippered case.
  • Default Rotator incorporating interchangeable brass detent rings.
  • 1 ea 10-12 degree reversible detent ring.
  • 1 ea 45-60 degree reversible detent ring.
  • 3/8-1/4 threaded screw adapter.
  • CP-CP2 Camera Plate Included.
  • Misc parts (washers, hex keys, etc).
  • Quick reference guide.

Weight 2Lb 9oz (1150gr)

Note: The 16-35mm Nikkor lens is not compatible with either the NN3 or NN4 series pano heads.

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  • SKU: F4500X
  • Weight: 2Lb 9oz (1150gr)

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