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Rotator Mini V1

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Rotator Mini V1

Compact 46mm diameter Lightweight 88g Interchangeable
detent ring
Rotator lock
for use on pole
Compatible with RS 1,
Ultimate R1/10, Foot Plate



Rotator Mini (detent ring installed).


  • Compact and lightweight, 46mm diameter and 88g (vs RD4 220g).
  • Smooth rotation with lubricated bearings.
  • Interchangeable detent ring.
  • Available detent rings, 90 degree, 60 degree, 30 degree, 36 degree, 45 degree (1 included ring per rotator).
  • Rotator lock for use on pole.
  • Compatible with Nodal Ninja RS 1, Ultimate R1/10, Fanotec Foot Plate.
  • NOT compatible with Nodal Ninja series 3/4/5, Ultimate M1, Tripod Adapters or the Quick Mount Mini.

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Rotator Mini V1

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  • SKU: F1209V

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