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Shutter Release Cable for Panasonic

Shutter Release Cable for Panasonic
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Product Variants 2 

Shutter Release Cable for Leica: Straight, compatible with Leica CR-D1, Panasonic DMW-RSL1

Recommended price:

  • SKU: F9980-10
  • Size: 30cm Straight
  • UPC Code: 641378088483
For MECHA Single Axis.

Shutter Release Cable for various cameras: Coiled, compatible with Leica CR-D1, Panasonic DMW-RSL1

Recommended price:

  • SKU: F9980-10L
  • Size: 30-125cm Coiled
  • UPC Code: 641378089817
For MECHA Dual Axis.

Any camera supporting a wired remote shutter release cable is compatible with MECHA.
MECHA accepts any release cable that has a 2.5mm (3-pole) plug at one end, and a connector compatible with the original remote release at the other end.
Third parties are quick to support popular camera models. We can source the cable if available.
The cable attaches to the camera's shutter release port which then connects to the Mecha Controller's CAM port.

Note: If you order a MECHA, please add a cable to the cart: straight cable for MECHA single axis, and coiled cable for MECHA dual axis.

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