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T adapter III with 30mm offset

T adapter III with 30mm offset
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T adapter III with 30mm offset

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  • SKU: F9213

Our 3rd generation T-Adapter-III. This next generation T-adapter-III has added rails for extra support. The 30mm offset is designed primarily for point and shoot cameras where the tripod mount is offset from the center barrel of the lens. There are a total of 5 adjustment points to make sure your camera mounts securely to your Nodal Ninja.
Features include adjustable rail guides to prevent camera from twisting and scale stop to remember offset position. Hex key included to set initial mount and extra screws and guides also included.
Fits NN3, NN4 & NN5 series pano heads.

Includes hex key and misc extra parts.

Using the T-Adapter. This is our first generation t-adapter. It is primarily used for cameras that uses an offset tripod mount. Ideally the tripod mount should be inline with center of the lens. Most point and shoot cameras as well as some Canon DSLR battery grips have a tripod mount that is slightly offset. The t-adapter helps to compensate for this offset. The t-20 is good for offsets up to 20mm (as with most cameras) and the t-30 is good for offsets up to 30mm.

Note: The T-20, T-30 and have been discontinued and replaced with the newer 3rd generation T-30-III.

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Excelent quality Product: T adapter III with 30mm offset (F9213) Posted By: N/A - It was a nice surprise to see the great quality and design this product has.

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