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Travel Pole

Travel Pole
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  Extends from
19"/50cm - 9.6'/2.9m
  Uses: Real Estate, Aerial 360's, General Aerial
Photography, Events, Travel, 360° Video, GoPro
  Cameras: Ultra Compact,
Compact, Compact DSLR
  Recommended loading
2kg (4.4lbs) for all poles

Product Variants 3 

Travel Pole: Upper + Lower

Recommended price:

  • SKU: F7201
  • Size: 2.92m (115
  • Weight: 2.14lbs (.97kg)

Travel Pole: Lower Unit

Recommended price:

  • SKU: F7201-1
  • Size: 1.3m (4.2')

Travel Pole: Upper Unit

Recommended price:

  • SKU: F7201-2
  • Size: 1.7m (5.4')

Our newest addition to the Fanotec Camera Pole Series - the Travel Pole.


This camera extension pole / camera mount is perfect for taking panoramic photos at height.
  • Travel Pole - 7 segments extended = 115" 9.6' or (2.92m).
  • 2 sections screw together.
  • 2 clamps secure poles while stowed in included companion bag.
  • Travel Pole in the case only 20" x 3.25" x 1" 2.14lbs (.97kg).
  • Includes free companion bag.

NOTE: Fanotec poles have been tested extensively by the manufacturer and experts in Pole Panoramic Photography before releasing to market. A recommended load of 2kg is determined based on ease of handling and stability of the system in gentle winds or in low light situations. Larger loading can be used at reduced extension and/ or with help of guy wire system. A robotic head with camera and lens weighing 4.2kg has been tested on Pole 3 with guy wire system attached recently. The result has been very satisfactory.
Lab tests show even our smallest carbon fiber tube is capable of withstanding extreme vertical weight loads exceeding 100kgs. As a quality assurance measure, each pole is subjected to 50kg pulling tension for over 3 hours to test the integrity of joints and locking mechanism before leaving the factory. The maximum loading is more related to the stability of support base than to the ultimate strength of the pole. With a rigid support such as custom made car mount, the pole can handle far more than 5kg loads. A load exceeding 5kg should be tested properly before using the system in the crowd. Fanotec bears no responsibility for any injury or damage that may cause as a result of the failure of the pole and support system.

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